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Kenny Hewett is the boyfriend of Tiaundra Christon, mother of 2 years old Hazana Anderson. Christon’s boyfriend, Kenny, pleaded guilty to the same charge as the mother last year and was also sentenced to 20 years in prison. Hazana Anderson was reported missing by her mother in October 2018, sparking a massive search. Her body was later found wrapped in a plastic bag in a bayou in Galveston County.


Kenny Hewett is 34-years-old as of 2020.

Kenny Hewett Girlfriend (Tiaundra Christon)

A Texas mother has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for throwing the body of her dead two-year-old daughter into a lake and then attempting to cover up the crime by dressing up a life-size doll in her clothing.

Tiaundra Christon was found guilty last week of one count of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence with the intent to impair a human corpse in connection with the 2018 death of her daughter, Hazana Anderson. Christon, 23, on Monday was handed the maximum punishment of 20 years, with credit for 547 days served, and a $10,000 fine.

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Court Records

According to court records, the toddler had been sexually abused and whipped with a belt until she died. The child’s cause of death has not been determined, and for that reason, no one has been charged with causing her death.

Prosecutors said that before she claimed to have lost her daughter in a College Station park, Christon dressed a life-size doll in Hazana’s clothing and carried it around with her as if it were her child, even taking it to a Walmart in a stroller, reported KHOU11.

Friends reported seeing Christon walking around with what they thought was her young daughter. Police became suspicious and launched a criminal investigation after discovering the doll in a trash can wearing the same clothing that Christon claimed Hazana was wearing at the time of her disappearance, reported KPRC, citing a press release from Galveston County Criminal District Attorney Jack Roady.

Christon told the Department of Public Safety in a statement that she, Hewett, and Hazana were staying at the Downtowner Inns and Suites hotel in Houston from October 17 to October 20, 2018. According to an affidavit, Hewett took the toddler to get food on October 19.

When the two returned about 30 minutes later, Hazana was crying, which is when Hewett began beating her with a belt. He allegedly ordered Christon to hit her daughter with the belt. When she wasn’t ‘hitting her hard enough’, Hewett began beating her again, the affidavit said.

Christon said Hazana began going in and out of consciousness, so the couple put her in the bathtub in an attempt to revive her. Allegedly, Christon said that she noticed signs of sexual assault on the child when she was removing her clothes.

When the couple realized the child was dead and cold to the touch, they tried to use a hairdryer to raise her body temperature, but it ended up burning her skin.

Christon told police she kept the toddler’s body, wrapped in a plastic bag, under the back passenger floorboard of her car for three days.

On October 23, she and Hewett tied a heavy rock to the body with rope and tossed it into a body of water.

Five days later, the mother filed a missing person report, telling police she had last seen her daughter at 8 am on October 28 at Gabbard Park in College Station.

She claimed she had gone back to her vehicle to get a bottle for Hazana and, when she returned, the girl was missing.

After authorities found the doll dressed as Hazana in the dumpster, Christon confessed and led police to her daughter’s body on Halloween. She was arrested and charged with tampering with a corpse, child endangerment, and giving a false report to police

It took jurors just 20 minutes of deliberations on Friday to convict Christon, and less than an hour to sentence her.

The 23-year-old will be required to serve at least 15 percent of her prison term before she is eligible for parole.

Christon’s defense attorney, William Agnew, told KBTX on Monday he was disappointed by the jury’s verdict.

‘Ms. Christon was in a bad situation with an extremely abusive man that got completely out of hand,’ he said. ‘This was as emotional of a jury trial as I have been through and my heart aches for everyone involved. There were no winners today.