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Kyle Douglas Hadala is Florida native and the suspect of sucker-punching Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert in the face during a barroom brawl in South Dakota has been arrested. The incident took place at Zoo Bar in Aberdeen, South Dakota, around 1 am. Video shows 25-year-old Goedert confronting a patron during an altercation.


Douglas Hadala is 29 years old.

Work For?

Hadala works as a salesman at a car dealership in Florida, according to his LinkedIn profile.


He was charged with a simple assault on an early Saturday morning incident when the victim believed to be NFL player Dallas Goedert.

Although the news from the Aberdeen Police Department does not name the victim, all details are consistent with a report by Britton native Goedert, who was punched at the Zoo bar just after 1 o’clock on Saturday. Police said they responded to 1000 blocks of Southern Main Street in response to an attack at 01:07. This is the Zoo’s block.

The video shows two men speaking to each other, with Goedert seemingly trying to deescalate the situation. During the conversation, another man enters the video. The incoming assailant socks Goedert in the face and appears to knock him out.

The video shows that Goedert didn’t notice his attacker until right before he is hit by the punch. Following the punch, the assailant is surrounded by multiple men and women. Another woman immediately shelters the victim, as the room clears out.

According to the police newsletter, “It was discovered that an adult man was punched in the face. The man moved to Avera St. Luke Hospital (in Aberdeen), where he was treated and released.”


He is accused of a simple assault on Saturday morning in South Dakota, allegedly punching Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert. Aberdeen South Dakota police confirmed the arrested of the 29-year-old Douglas Hadala, who is being charged with simple assault. An Aberdeen officer declined to provide any more information to the Daily Mail. He has been charged with simple assault for allegedly punching TE Dallas Goedert.