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Kyle Vandermolen is a 40-year-old male from St. Charles, Missouri. Police accused Vandermolen of secretly recording people in his home’s bathroom while he was having a poolside party.

Kyle Vandermolen Pool Party Video accusation in the bathroom

A woman says she says a camera in Vandermolen’s bathroom. According to prosecution documents, a woman said she was using the bathroom at Vandermolen’s house on Ashley Place Drive at a party when she noticed a hidden video camera pointed at the toilet. She took the memory card out of the camera and took it home to see what she had recorded. ” [KSDK]

Video on camera showed women in the bathroom, children. The memory card contained 11 videos that were recorded earlier today, including two clips of the wife’s husband who discovered the hidden camera while using the bathroom showing his penis in a mirror reflection, according to the accusations.” [NY Post]

Witness: Vandermolen confessed to placing a secret camera. The next day, the woman’s husband and other neighbors confronted Vandermolen at his home, the charges said. He admitted to placing the secret camera in his bathroom, blamed his behavior on his drinking, said he sought advice and apologized. [STL Today]