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Adolfo Tapia best known as La Parka was a 57-years-old Mexican luchador enmascarado, has died suffering major health complications after a spinal injury from a mishandled suicide dive back in October at a show for KAOZ. La Parka is wrestling in San Francisco Lucha Libra, which opened its doors in March 2001.


Quick Bio
Birth Date November 14, 1965
Birth Place Querétaro, Mexico
Death Date 12 January 2019
Age 57 years
Profession Mexican luchador
Wife Dina
Children El Hijo de L.A. Park
Billed weight 124.7 kg
Net Worth Update Soon
Height 1.85 m
Full Name Adolfo Margarito Tapia Ibarra


La Parka Family

Adolfo Tapia is part of an extended wrestling family that beyond himself also includes his brother Eustacio Jiménez Ibarra, who wrestled as El Hijo de Cien Caras (“The son of Cien Caras”) before his death on 29 November 2010, as well as his son who wrestles as El Hijo de L.A. Park (“The son of L.A. Park”). Three of Adolfo Tapia’s uncles are also wrestlers working under the ring names Super Parka, Johnny Ibarra and Desalmado. Super Parka’s son, Tapia’s cousin, wrestles for CMLL as Volador Jr. In January 2019 L.A.

Park introduced “L.A. Park Jr.”; presented as a son who decided to follow in L.A. Park’s footsteps and become a professional wrestler. He had worked under the ring name “Último Sadox” up until that point. It is unclear if L.A. Park Jr. is related to Tapia or if it is a case of someone paying for the use of the name in the same vein as El Hijo de Cien Caras or El Hijo del Gladiador where they paid for the use of the name.

Wife and Children

La Parka luchador was married to Wife Dina, who is a model in Mexico. The couple has one son El Hijo de L.A. Park.

Earlier Life and Career

Adolfo Margarito Tapia Ibarra was born on 14th of November 1965 in Querétaro, Mexico. He was a Mexican luchador enmascarado (masked professional wrestler), he was working for Major League Wrestling and best known throughout the world as La Parka, especially from his many years in the American World Championship Wrestling (WCW) promotion.

La Parka injury

He was seriously injured during a match at Kaoz Lucha Libre’s 64 Anniversary Arena Coliseum event in Monterrey. La Parka took a suicide dive onto Rush, but his feet tripped up on the ropes and caused a horrendous fall. He was seemingly unconscious and taken away on a stretcher.

His diagnosis was a neck and cervical fracture and he was unable to talk or move his extremities. He did eventually gain the ability to communicate and regain some feeling.

Death and Cause

Escobaza was injured in October 2019 when he participated in a dangerous spot for a Koaz event. During the event, Escobaza dove out of the ring while performing a spot against his opponent Rush, missing the target and collided with the steel barricade and the concrete floor instead. La Parka has passed away at the age of 54.

There were reports of Escobaza’s death that were falsely put forth, and AAA had to refute these claims as it seemed like the wrestler was on the path toward recovery for his injuries. Unfortunately, Escobaza never bounced back from those injuries and the world of pro-wrestling lost a very talented star. Lucha Blog has confirmed his passing.

AAA’s La Parka passed away tonight. He was 56. He suffered serious injuries on a dive at the end of November and never recovered.

La Parka is one of the bigger recent stars in Mexican wrestling, the symbol of AAA. He is not the La Parka who wrestled in WCW and is now LA Park.

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