Who is Lafayette Hodges? (Lyniah Bell Boyfriend) Bio, Wiki, Age, Killed His Girlfriend

Lafayette Hodges and Lyniah Bell
Lafayette Hodges and Lyniah Bell

Lafayette Hodges Bio, Wiki

Lafayette Hodges is an 18-years-old man from Chicago. He accidentally killed his girlfriend Lafayette Hodges, who was a student at Michigan State University. He shot his girlfriend in the head with what he allegedly believed was an unloaded gun. Bell and Hodges had been dating for nine months and Bell, who was in the Chicago area over Christmas break.

Who is Lyniah Bell (Lafayette Hodges Girlfriend)

Lyniah Bell is a 19-years-old student of Michigan State University. She was in her first year at MSU. she intended to major in business and journalism and one day pursue her goal of becoming a news anchor. As a student at the North Lawndale College Prep school, she’d been a National Honor Society member, and she went on to attend MSU on an academic scholarship.

Killed His Girlfriend ((Lyniah Bell)

Lafayette was allegedly killed his girlfriend 19-year-old Lyniah Bell. She was fatally shot in the head. He was allegedly playing with a gun in his home. He believed to be unloaded. He said that he first pointed the gun at the person he said gave him the weapon, and then pointed it at himself, and squeezed the trigger both times, with nothing happening. He then pointed the gun at his girlfriend Lyniah Bell and it went off, striking her in the head. She was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene.

Lafayette Hodges Charge

He has since been charged with one count of involuntary manslaughter. On Monday 6 December, a judge ordered that he be held on $50,000 bail, in addition to ruling that he’d violated the terms of his bail in an earlier case involving the alleged assault of police officers, according to the outlet. It’s a story that Bell’s family doesn’t believe, and they have criticized the court for setting bail at $50,000, according to NBC Chicago.