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Lance Waldroup Wiki – Lance Waldroup Biography

According to Lance Waldroup Bio, Wiki, and Biography, He was a famous bootlegger from Discovery’s “Moonshiners,” has passed away on at 9:45 PM on February 25. Waldroup and his father starred in the first six seasons of the long-running cable show, which follows the lives of people who brew their own moonshine and their efforts to evade law enforcement.

From an early age, Lance has been a force of careful consideration and reason in his family shining operation. A true business renaissance man, Lance handles security, bootlegging, research, and development. Last season, Lance’s inventive moonshine recipes helped Mark and Jeff get a leg up on their competition. Lance’s hard work paid off as Jeff and Mark made him an equal share partner.


Lance Waldroup has died at the age of 30.

Lance Waldroup Cause of Death

A cause of death has not been released, but family members said he died Feb. 25 at his home in Robbinsville, North Carolina.

Lance’s mom, Lynn, called 911 and told the dispatcher she found him unconscious and not breathing at 9:45 PM on February 25. We’re told Graham County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the Robbinsville home and found Lance dead … lying on top of his bed.

Our sources say Lance’s mom had last spoken to Lance four hours earlier. At some point after that conversation, we’re told Lance went into his bedroom and laid down on his bed. We’re told there are no signs of foul play and his cause of death is being investigated by the medical examiner.