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Lauren Lloyd.

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Lauren Lloyd, former flight operations manager at Melbourne Flight Training, has been accused of tampering with aircraft data.
A Florida woman has been arrested on a number of charges, including hacking into a flight training school’s computer system and tampering with data as part of a plot to avenge her father’s shooting.


Lauren Lead is 26 years old.

Charged and arrested

Lauren Lloyd, 26, was arrested Saturday and is being held in Broward County Jail on charges of modifying a computer data program without permission and accessing a computer or electronic device without permission.

According to an affidavit obtained by WESH, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office began investigating the hacking incident in January 2020, when Melbourne Flight Training Executive Director Derek Fallon logged into the school’s computer system and saw several red flags. ۔

Fallon reported that information on 12 aircraft, including their models and tel numbers, had been removed and that some aircraft had been cleared for flight with maintenance issues.

As a precaution, Fallon suspended all flights for two days until data, including flight inspection information, was restored.

“Between the revision of the data and the deadline, it was a situation that could have endangered human life,” Fallon wrote in the affidavit.

The flight school executive then pointed to a former father-daughter employee accused of the attack: Lauren Lloyd of Hampton and Palm Bay.

According to the affidavit, Hampton Lloyd, 60, was fired as director of rehabilitation at MFT in November 2019, and his daughter resigned as flight operations manager the same day.

During a subsequent 21-month investigation, officers discovered that login information belonging to the current MFT Flight Operations Manager had been used to tamper with flight software, but that the person in the position did not Signing the affidavit confirmed that he did not make those changes

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Investigators eventually learned that the IP address used in the attack belonged to Hampton Lloyd, but he assured them he had “no idea” how the flight data was altered.

When asked who wanted to tamper with the information, he quoted investigators as saying: “I’m a little worried about my daughter at the moment.”

Hampton Lloyd further said that MFT chief executive Fallon made his daughter “miserable” and “tortured” her during his tenure at his company, adding that she was angry with the boss. When he fired at her.

Authorities say Hampton Lloyd tried to admit that he had hacked into the system, but officials said he could not explain what he did or how he did it.

He eventually concluded that Lauren Lloyd had the skills and ability to break software and change aircraft information.

Release from prison

Lorraine was released from prison within hours of her arrest on 9,000 bail.

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