Who is Lee Fierro, Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Death (COVID-19)

Lee Fierro Biography
Lee Fierro Biography

Lee Fierro Biography – Wiki

Lee Fierro was one of the stars of “Jaws,” has died at the age of 91. Fierro had been suffering from COVID-19. She played the mother of Alex Kintner in the iconic Stephen Spielberg directed, “Jaws.” Alex Kintner was the shark’s second victim in the film. She lived with her family. In her most memorable scene, Fierro slapped Chief Martin Brody, played by Roy Scheider, across the face following the death of her son.


Lee Fierro has died at the age of 91

Earlier Life, Career

Fierro had been acting since elementary school. In 1946, Fierro began studying acting under former Moscow Art Theater actor, Andre Jilinsky, in New York City. During that time, Fierro made early television appearances on “The Colgate Comedy Hour” for NBC and “Man Against Crime with Ralph Bellamy” for CBS.

The biography goes on to say that in 1950, Fierro and her husband moved to Moylan, Pennsylvania. The couple raised their five children in the state while Fierro worked as a drama teacher. The bio says that Fierro moved with her husband to Martha’s Vineyard in 1969. She was moving from the island to “start a new chapter” in Ohio. That year, Fierro was appointed as the artistic director of the Island Theatre Workshop.

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Fierro reprised her role as Mrs. Kintner briefly in the critically massacred “Jaws” follow-up, “Jaws the Revenge.” The only other credit on Fierro’s IMDb page is a 2016 movie named, “The Mist over Tale.” That movie was also filmed in Martha’s Vineyard.

In 2000, Fierro told The Cape Cod Times that appearing in “Jaws,” restored her love of the theater. Fierro said in the same interview that every three or four months, she gets a residual check for $35 or $40.

Famous Slapping Scene

Movie lore says that it took 17 takes to get the slapping scene right. Schieder is quoted in “Roy Schieder: A Film Biography,” as saying of the scene, “The actress had no idea how to hit someone in the movies. Every time she slapped me, she really slapped me and it hurt like hell. She had no control. A couple of times I wanted to strangle her, but it was very effective.” Fierro is quoted in the same book saying, “It took 17 takes and he stood there and let me do it. I heard later he had to go to a chiropractor.”

In 2000, Fierro told People Magazine that during one take, she knocked Schieder’s glasses off his face. Fierro said she immediately broke character in order to apologize to her co-star.

In 2012, Fierro said that after years of being asked by fans to slap them, she was retiring the gesture. Fierro said, “How many times have I been asked to slap somebody…? I’ve never counted. It happens a lot, and it is mostly young men. I do it to please the fans, but last year. I decided that is it. I have slapped my last slap.”

Cause of Death (COVID-19)

Fierro has died suffering from COVID-19. Fierro’s sad passing was confirmed in a post from the dedicated “Jaws” blog, The Daily Jaws. A friend of Fierro’s, Donna Honig, told the website, “Very sad to report that our dear friend from early Island Theatre Workshop days on the Vineyard, the amazing Lee Fierro, has passed away from COVID-19 at an assisted living facility where she had been living near her family in recent years. Condolences to all of us who knew her.”

Net Worth

we will soon update the Lee Fierro net worth details.


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