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According to Lee Macmillan Bio, Wiki, and Biography, She was an Instagram influencer known for traveling the world in her van. Here are 12 more facts about Lee Macmillan:

  1. She was relentlessly cyberbullied and battled depression before tragically taking her own life.
  2. Macmillan met Bidstrup in 2016, and they decided to travel across the world with each other and their Australian Shepherd Occy in a van they renovated.
  3. MacMillan built up a social media following with her ex-boyfriend Max Bidstrup as they took on adventures with their dog Occy in a travel van. On their YouTube channel Max & Lee, they amassed 497,000 followers.
  4. They spent two years traveling across 16 countries before announcing their break-up. Around 70k people follow the ex-couple Instagram account. In January, the pair announced that they were going their “separate ways from here.”
  5. The couple later announced in January 2020 that they split, and Bidstrup moved back to his hometown in Australia with Occy.
  6. The influencer, 27, took her Life on Friday, March 26. Macmillan and her ex-boyfriend Max Bidstrup used to travel with their dog Occy across the world in a renovated van and share their ‘van life’ experiences on social media.
  7. MacMillan was hit and killed by an Amtrak train in Santa Barbara, Calif., Friday after going missing.
  8. A post to MacMillan’s Instagram account on Monday confirmed her death was by suicide.
  9. Following her death, her boyfriend penned a sweet tribute. “You were a dream beyond my wildest dreams. You filled my heart up full to bursting and stretched it further than what I ever imagined was possible,” Chui wrote.
  10. Lee died last week in Noleta, California, at the age of 27.
  11. The post added, “Life is more complex than a single social media post. Things are complicated. Don’t believe what you see online.
  12. The Macmillan family hopes her death can bring to light the devastating impacts cyberbullying can have on mental health.


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