Lisa Maria Falcone (Philip Falcone Wife) Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth

Lisa Maria Falcone
Lisa Maria Falcone

Lisa Maria Falcone Bio

Lisa Maria Falcone is an actress and producer. She Best known for Win (2011), 127 Hours (2010), and Mother and Child (2009). In 2008, she started a film production company, Everest Entertainment, and she has produced Mother and Child, 127 Hours, and Win-Win.

She is active in philanthropic causes, including the American Museum of Natural History, and sits on the board of the New York City Ballet.

Earlier Life and Parents

She was born and grew up in Spanish Harlem. Lisa Holds an associate’s degree from Pace University. She was raised by an alcoholic mother on welfare and also spoke openly of her father as a busboy who never lived with her.

When she was a child, the two spent their weekly visits to a bar. Marie was discovered in her late teens by a Wilhelmina agent on the street and began modeling.

Falcone’s choice of film projects, in her new role as a producer, is also primarily dictated by her history. Mother and Child, directed by Rodrigo Garcia and starring Naomi Watts, Annette Bening, and Kerry Washington, weaves together three stories about adoption, a subject that resonates with her.

At 16, she discovered that the woman who had raised her was not her biological mother but an aunt. She has never met her birth mother and doesn’t know her whereabouts.

Lisa Maria Falcone Husband & Children

Lisa is the wife of hedge fund billionaire Philip Falcone. Lisa and Phillip have twin daughters, Liliana, and Carolina (born February 2005).

Lisa and Philip met in 1992 at a group dinner at a Park Avenue restaurant with Wall Street guys and gorgeous girls. Lisa then in her early 20s and Falcon in his late 20s.

They were married in 1997. She likes to tell people that in the early years, which were when Falcone’s hairbrush company was falling apart, they slept on an air mattress and had no money. “Their relationship is specific and unique to them,” says a friend.

Philip Falcone, who was a former hockey player from Minnesota, started to make a little money on Wall Street. Eventually, a little money turned into a lot, and then, a few years ago, Philip made a well-timed bet against the subprime mortgage market and—poof!—they were billionaires. Now the Falcone’s are living happily ever after with their five-year-old twins in a $50 million 27-room mansion off Fifth Avenue.

Lisa Maria Falcone Used the N-Words

Lisa Falcone is in the spotlight after telling her former personal chef she wasn’t racist after using the n-word — and said he could ask her black friend Alicia Keys to confirm, according to new court papers.

Lisa in the Lawsuit is alleged to have dropped the n-bomb after meeting cook Brian Villanueva’s girlfriend, who is black, according to a wage-dispute lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court Wednesday, Nov. 6th against the socialite and her Harbinger Capital hubby.

Villanueva said his gal pal came in to help him cook for a Hamptons dinner party the Falcones were hosting on July 13th, 2019 — attended by Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz — and the next morning Lisa commented on how articulate his partner was.

“Your girlfriend speaks very well. She seems educated. I would describe her as a chocolate-covered marshmallow,” the chef claims Lisa said.

The court papers further reveal that Despite Villanueva appearing visibly offended, she went on to ask, “Do you use the word ‘n—-’ at home with your girlfriend?”