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Lorraine Maradiaga
Lorraine Maradiaga

Lorraine Maradiaga Biography, Wiki

Lorraine Maradiaga is a girl from Texas who claimed on social media that she was purposefully spreading COVID-19. She posted videos at Walmart saying that if she was going down with coronavirus, others were going down too.


She is 18-year-old as of 2020

Lorraine Maradiaga Snapchat Videos


Maradiaga went on Snapchat and claimed to be spreading COVID-19 at a local Walmart as per NBC 5. She reportedly said, “I’m here at Walmart about to infest every (expletive), b/c if I’m going down, all you (expletive) are going down.”

The screenshot shared by the Carrollton Police with a caption “Not in the Mood” was the one where she claimed she was at Walmart, WTHR reported.

In another video, she asked people to make her famous and said that she didn’t “give a f***” about how others reacted. The videos were posted on Saturday, April 5th, but many people saved the videos. They can still be seen on social media sites. Some people on social media said she later posted another video on Snapchat saying she was negative. Her Snapchat account that shared the videos might have been taken down. Her user name on the Snapchat videos was “Lorraine Boutit.”

Lorraine Maradiaga Charged

Police in Carrollton is charging Lorraine Maradiaga with making a terroristic threat. The 18-year-old posted videos on social media claiming to have COVID-19 and said she was spreading it willfully. Although police can’t confirm that she’s positive, they are taking her videos seriously.

The Carrollton Police Department wrote: “We have identified the woman seen on social media claiming to be COVID-19 positive and willfully spreading it as 18-year-old Lorraine Maradiaga of Carrollton. We are charging her with Terroristic Threat, Texas Penal Code 22.07… We have no confirmation Maradiaga is actually a threat to public health. We are, however, taking her social media actions very seriously.”

Maradiaga posted a series of Snapchat videos including one that showed her at a drive-through testing location and a nurse telling someone about how long it would take to get results, NBC 5 reported. She also showed herself coughing in her car and shopping at Walmart. “I’ll meet up and I will shorten your life,” she said on the video while coughing.

Texas Police said that they went to her home, but Maradiaga wasn’t there, NBC 5 reported. They said her family is cooperating. Police added that they can’t confirm she’s actually a threat or has COVID-19. On Twitter, the Carrollton police wrote: “We have no confirmation Maradiaga is actually a threat to public health. We are, however, taking her social media actions very seriously.”

Lorraine Maradiaga Parents

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