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Louella Fletcher-Michie was the daughter of Street actor John Michie and girlfriend of rapper Ceon Broughton. She died after taking 2-CP during the music festival, in September 2017. She died some hours before her 25th birthday at Bestival in Dorset in September 2017.

Bestival death


Louella Fletcher-Michie was born in 1992, and she died in September 2017 in Lulworth Castle Wareham, East Lulworth, United Kingdom. She was at 24.

Parents, Siblings

Fletcher-Michie was the daughter of John Michie and Carol Michie.


Sam Michie, Daisy Michie.


She was the girlfriend of famous rapper Ceon Broughton. The rapper who filmed his girlfriend dying after taking a hallucinogenic drug at Bestival has had his manslaughter conviction overturned.

Louella and Broughton were seen playing with fairy lights in the clip

Ceon Broughton was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in prison over the death of Miss Fletcher-Michie after she took the drug 2-CP at the Bestival festival in September 2017. The 31-year-old, of Enfield, north London, gave her the hallucinogenic drug and “bumped up” her dose, before filming her die, his trial at Winchester Crown Court was told.

Death and Cause

She was found dead in the early hours of 11 September, the day she should have celebrated her 25th birthday, in a wooded area at the edge of the festival site in Dorset.

Court Details

Broughton, 31, of Enfield, challenged his manslaughter conviction and his jail term at a Court of Appeal hearing in June. Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett, Mr. Justice Sweeney and Mr. Justice Murray quashed his sentence on Tuesday.

They said that in the case, expert evidence was all that the jury had to assist them in answering the question on causation for Miss Fletcher-Michie’s death. Capable of establishing causation to the criminal standard, the judgment added.

In respectful disagreement with the judge, we conclude that the appellant’s main argument that the case should have been withdrawn from the jury is established. The appeal against conviction for manslaughter must be allowed.

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