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Louise Lucas is the mum-of-two who lost her beauty salon job due to the lockdown. She is raking in the cash by selling coveted supermarket home delivery slots at £30 a pop. Lucas making so much money she’s saving to go on a luxury holiday after coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

Quick Facts

  • Louise Lucas is from Plymouth, who lost her job in a beauty salon due to the pandemic.
  • She has been selling supermarket home delivery slots at a profit credit.
  • The mum-of-two sells the grocery drop-offs for £30 a pop.
  • She spends seven hours a night securing them for people.
  • She is currently running her business from her grandfather’s home in Cornwall.
  • Louise says she doesn’t feel guilty.
  • She insists she is simply helping vulnerable people.
  • She says she deserves a luxury holiday with the cash she’s made.

Louise Lucas Age

Louise Lucas is 42 years old as of 2020.

Beauty Salon Job

Lucas was working in a beauty salon. She lost her job due to the lockdown. she worried about how she was going to make ends meet. She is currently running her business from her grandfather’s home in Cornwall.


Lucas has children 2 children.

Selling Grocery Drop

After losing her Beauty Salon job, she has been selling supermarket home delivery slots at a profit. This is something of particular concern for people who are vulnerable, either due to age or illness, and have been told not to leave their homes.

Not that profiteering Louise, from Plymouth in Devon, cares at all – claiming that people are more than willing to pay a premium for her services. She is running the impromptu business from her 87-year-old grandfather’s home in Bodmin, Cornwall.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, the mum – whose sons Jeff, 22, a taxi driver and Max, 20, an apprentice builder have both left homes – insisted the idea came about by accident.

Louise explained: “Just before lockdown hit my grandfather asked me to come down and help him on his farm. “I was more than happy to do so, since when the pandemic struck I lost my job working in a beautician’s.

“However, in the first couple of weeks I hated the lack of control – and the grafter in me knew I had to find a new way of earning cash.

I now have a group of 15 repeat customers who all ring me for supermarket slots, a chat, and have me run errands to the pharmacy and post office – I have taken the stress out of their quarantine.

Most slots and I sell about six and 10 a week, I sell for between £20 and £30 each. I get £20 an hour for running errands. But I don’t make them pay for the chats of course.

Some of my friends have been horrified that I am charging for shopping slots, claiming they can’t get one themselves. But I tell them if I can get them, then so can they.

They’ve also told me I should be helping people for free, and doing the ‘neighborly thing’. However, I have done my fair share of volunteering in the past.

Louise Lucas Facebook

At the same time, I also saw another woman selling slots on Facebook and bought them for £10 each. Given she had bought them for £4, she made a £6 profit ahead selling them to me.

I knew that I could charge more – because time is valuable. After all, I’m the one who has to stay online until they become available. Then I take the orders and fill them out for my clients, and sort out their payments.

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