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According to Marco Dimitri Bio, Wiki and Biography, He was an Italian atheistic Satanist, the president of the cultural association “Bambini di Satana”. Dimitri’s interest in Satanist culture was seeded while he served in the military.


Marco Dimitri died in the night, just today he would have turned 58.

Earlier Life, Education

Dimitri was born in 1963 in Bologna, Italy. He became an orphan at the age of 14. Living on the streets he remained in school until graduation.

While serving in the military, he lost interest in Satan’s culture. In 1982, he became the president of the cultural organization Bambini di Stana, a group of more than a thousand members.

He became nationally famous when he participated in talk shows and various other shows. He also criticized the official Catholic culture in interviews with various newspapers, including Famiglia Christiana. He was interrogated several times and sent to prison for 14 months, but he maintained his innocence and his sentence was commuted.

Various Facts

Together with Gennaro Luongo and four other Satanists, Dimitri was accused of various facts, including sexual assault on a child and raping a minor after having drugged her.

Charges from which all the defendants were acquitted in the various degrees of judgment. The Satanists were accused of having desecrated tombs and of having orchestrated Satanic rituals using human remains, all charges that were never confirmed. In those days Bologna was divided between guilty and innocent, between those who saw in Dimitri the great leader of the devil worshipers and those who, on the other hand, thought that the head of BDS was at the centre of a judicial and media hype.

In January 1966 the first interrogations after the arrests of the three adherents of the “Children of Satan” sect, accused of having raped, during a sort of “rite”, a 16-year-old girl, romantically linked to one of them.

Dimitri, crossing the reporters upon his arrival at the investigating judge’s offices, managed to exchange two words: “They set me up for good,” he said. Innocent people usually fit together, he was told. And he: “Exactly. I must have seen that girl once and not once.

Cause of Death

He died from a heart attack on his 58th birthday.

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