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Maria Athens is The Alaska-based anchorperson who was captured comparable to a sexting outrage including the civic chairman of Mooring, Ethan Berkowitz. On October 12, Berkowitz, 58, said in an explanation that he occupied with an “unseemly informing relationship” with Athens, 41. Berkowitz said that the relationship occurred “quite a long while” back.

Earlier Life and Education

Athens’ wrote on the Twitter page, she is an alum of Seton Lobby College in South Orange, New Jersey. The page says she contemplated strategy, global relations, and political theory at the school. Athens records New York, New York, as her old neighborhood on Fox/ABC Dock’s landing page.

Athens wrote on a blog while she was in college that after graduation, her plan was to move to Athens, Greece, to work for the U.S. government in the country. Politically, Athens said her “main interests lie within the Balkan region, the United Nations, and the European Union.” In the same profile, Athens said her favorite pastime was traveling.

Parents, Family

Athens told Seton Hall Magazine in 2017 that her father, Lonnie, was a professor at the school. A 1999 feature on Lonnie Athens’ work in The New York Times referred to him as a “maverick criminologist.” The piece noted that Lonnie Athens was known for his research practices, which involved him traveling around the country to interview violent offenders inside of prisons.

Lonnie Athens told The Times that he was inspired to study criminology due to the violent nature of his father. The article noted that at the time, Lonnie Athens’ daughter, Maureen, was studying in college. Lonnie Athens developed his own theory on the development of violent offenders named “The Process of Violentization.” Lonnie Athens’ work was the subject of the 2018 documentary Why They Kill. In October 2018, the documentary aired on the Fox network’s Alaska affiliate.

Messaging Relationship

She was arrested in relation to a sexting scandal involving the mayor of Anchorage, Ethan Berkowitz. On October 12, Berkowitz, 58, said in a statement that he engaged in an “inappropriate messaging relationship” with Athens, 41. Berkowitz said that the relationship took place “several years” ago.

Berkowitz, a Democrat, was elected to his second and final term as Anchorage mayor in 2018. Since 2000, Berkowitz has been married to his wife, Dr. Mara Kimmel. The couple has two children together.

Athens wrote in a blog in 2004 that she is “a Greek-American from San Francisco, California.” According to an online resume, Athens has been based in Alaska since October 2015. Previously, Athens worked as a reporter in New York City and in Athens, Greece.

Maria Athens Facebook

On her official Facebook page, Athens describes herself as the lead news anchor on Fox/ABC as well as the news program’s executive producer. Athens wrote in an October 6 Facebook post that she “found Jesus in Alaska and not in a Gree Orthodox Church or private Catholic School. #IFoundJesusChrist.” A few days before Athens made allegations against Berkowitz, Facebook posts show that she was on vacation with family in Las Vegas.