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Maria Eduarda is a teen girl from Brazil. Sisters fight at a birthday party and the video goes viral, Blown out the little sister’s candle and even mocked. The 25-second clip has more than 30 million views since it was posted on October 19. The video was originally posted on Instagram by the girls’ family and blew up after it was re-posted on Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook.


She is 6-year-old as of 2020.

Maria Eduarda Viral Video

The viral video shows a little girl, identified by her family to Brazilian media outlet Hugo Gloss as Maria Eduarda standing happily behind her 3rd birthday cake and clapping as her family sings to her. As she starts to blow out her candles, her 6-year-old sister, named by Hugo Gloss as Maria Antonia, takes a deep breath in. She then jumps in front of her younger sister and blows out the candles on the cake.

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The video shows the girl then returning to her spot behind her sister with a smug look on her face, shrugging her shoulders as Maria stares her down.

Maria then suddenly grabs her sister by the hair, as her family shouts “no, no, no, no, no” and scream. She pulls her sister down to the ground before the birthday cake brawl is broken up, the video shows, and the 3-year-old birthday girl then starts to cry. Her sister recovers quickly and smirks toward the camera, leading Maria to get in one last hair pull. But Maria Antonia doesn’t seem to be. too affected by her sister’s attack, as she smiles toward the camera while her sister cries at the end of the video.

Longer Birthday Video

A longer version of the video posted on Instagram by Aureluk shows that Maria Eduarda was able to eventually blow out the candles herself. After her sister left the area, the family re-lit the candle on the and the smiling and laughing birthday girl blew it out to cheers.

Aureluk told Hugo Gloss that after the moment caught on video, Maria Antonia went inside to cry, apparently embarrassed by the incident. “And Maria was happy and blew out the. candle,” she said.

Then we calmed Maria Antonia and she even went there, helped her sister cut the cake. It’s that relationship of sisters. One hour they are slapping, another. the time they are hugging.

Maria Eduarda Instagram

The family started an Instagram account for the sisters, showing Maria and Maria Antonia in happier and more loving times. They already have more than 50,000 followers.

Aureluk told Hugo Gloss her nieces get along well. She told the news site her family was upset at some of the criticism of the girls but thinks when people learned the girls were sisters, that changed the story. “A sister fight is normal,” she said.

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