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Mary Anne Stephens
Mary Anne Stephens

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Mary Anne Stephens was born as Mary Anne Hurst. She is a producer, known for Teamwork Baby and ESPN SportsCentury (1999). She has been married to Don Shula since October 15, 1993. Mary Anne was previously married to Jackson Stephens, James Keller, and John Maddox Smith.


Mary Anne is 74 years old.

Mary Anne Family

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Mary Anne was born the fifth of six kids and grew up in a small town called Coal Hill, in Arkansas. It’s located between the Ozarks and the Arkansas River valley. Her father was a soybean and cotton farmer as well as a rancher and her mother worked as a nurse and taught the Bible.

A former mayor of Coal Hill and neighbor of the family, Ben Yates, said: “They were a mighty poor family. You could look through the cracks on the floor and see the chickens underneath.” Mary Anne moved out at the age of 15 to live with her older sister, Colleen, and Colleen’s husband who was in the military.


Mary Anne Stephens and Don Shula married on October 16, 1993. The two met at a New Year’s Day party in 1992 on Indian Creek Island, Florida, at golfer Ray Floyd’s home. They started dating that spring, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Both of them were married previously. In Mary Anne’s case, Shula became her 4th husband, and Shula was a widower after his first wife, Dorothy Bartish, died of breast cancer in 1991.

Shula was 63 when they married and Mary Anne was 48, and the ceremony was small and private, at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Miami Beach. The wedding wasn’t publicized and the details were private until the last minute. According to an article at the time, Carl Taseff, an assistant coach for the Dolphins, said: “Good for him. I figured he’d get married sooner, but I’m happy for him.”

Don Shula’s First Wife

Shula married Painesville native Dorothy Bartish on July 19, 1958. They had five children: Dave Shula, Donna, Sharon, Anne, and Mike Shula. Dorothy died of breast cancer on February 25, 1991. That same year, the Don Shula Foundation for Breast Cancer Research was founded.

Don Shula Death

Former Miami Dolphins head coach Don Shula died on Monday, May 4 at the age of 90. Shula was a longtime NFL coach who holds the most regular season and total wins in the league’s history and also holds the record of being the only head coach to ever lead an undefeated NFL team — the 1972 Dolphins.

Shula is survived by his wife, Mary Anne, and his five children, Dave, Donna, Sharon, Anne and Mike. Here’s what you need to know about Shula’s wife of 26 years, Mary Anne Stephens:


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