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Maura Mandt
Maura Mandt

Maura Mandt Wiki – Bio

Maura Mandt Bio: She was best known as the long time producer with ESPN. She was born in 1967 and died on February 28, 2020, at the age of 53. She worked on the ESPY Awards for more than two decades and eventually became the show’s executive producer. Mandt wrote on the Twitter bio section, “I try to do good. but I have opinions and they are strong. doesn’t mean I won’t listen. but I won’t accept “alternative facts.”


Earlier Life & Age

Mandt was from Columbus, Ohio, U.S.

Mandt’s Career & Awards

Mandt started with the ESPYs during the 1990s as a production assistant, later becoming a producer and was named executive producer in 2002. She would go on to produce the entire ESPN award show through MaggieVision Productions. That company, which she started, would produce various other aspects of ESPN and ABC sports programming, including the NFL Honors, 30 for 30 films, and vignettes for the NBA Finals. Mandt also had a hand in developing the X Games at ESPN.

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In 2015, Mandt’s work became worldwide news when the ESPY Awards gave the Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Caitlyn Jenner, shortly after her transition.

Mandt won a Primetime Emmy Award in 2014 for the ESPN 30 for 30 Short “Arthur & Johnnie and also won two Sports Emmys for other documentary work. She also produced the 30 for 30 documentaries “Of Miracles and Men” and directed “There’s No Place Like Home.” Mandt also co-directed the Ben Simmons documentary “One & Done” for Showtime.

Maura Mandt ESPN

Mandt Was Described as ‘One of the Toughest, Hardest Working & Influential Women’ at ESPN. In the book, “Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN,” it’s written that Mandt is known as “one of the toughest and most influential women, and one of the more tireless workers, of either gender, to work at the sports network.” The book describes Mandt as giving the ESPY Awards “new energy and increased star power.”

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One year, in order to get legendary NBA point guard Steve Nash to attend the show, Nash says Mandt bribed him by promising him a pitch meeting for a 30 for 30 ideas. The idea became reality when “Into the Wind,” the story of Terry Fox, was released in 2010.

How Did Maura Mandt Die

Maura Mandt has died on Friday, February 28, 2020, at the age of 53. At the time of her death, Mandt was producing the “Marvel Hero Project.” According to Marvel, the show deals with “young heroes are making in their own communities. These inspiring kids have dedicated their lives to selfless acts of bravery and kindness, and now, Marvel celebrates them as the true Super Heroes they are.”