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Maurice Hill is 36-year-old Philadelphia shooter, who killed almost 6 police officers in Philadelphia resident with a history of gun convictions.

The shooting started at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday and was followed by a standoff that lasted nearly eight hours.
Two officers and three others who had been trapped inside the row house were evacuated by a SWAT team a few hours before the standoff ended.

Maurice Hill walked out of the house with his arms raised in the air as local TV crews filmed the scene.

Police say officers were serving a narcotics warrant on the 3700 blocks of North 15th Street around 4:30 p.m. when the suspect opened fire. As police exchanged gunfire, officers escaped through windows and doors.

CBS3 reports 30 officers discharged their weapons during the shootout.

Two women and two children were escorted by SWAT and Philadelphia Police from the scene. They told CBS3 that they were inside the home on the second floor at the time of the shootout and that police saved them.

Mayor Jim Kenney called the officers brave and that they need help with gun control to keep weapons out of criminals’ hands.

Kenney said officers “don’t deserve to be shot at for hours.

Chopper 3 was over the scene where police could be seen taking a suspect into custody. It’s not clear what his role was in the incident.

White House statement

In a statement, the White House said President Trump had been briefed on the shooting and was monitoring the situation. Pennsylvania Gov.

Tom Wolf (D) said he was doing the same, and offered state support to local law enforcement.

Temple issued a lockdown for its Health Sciences Center Campus and advised anyone there to Seek shelter. Secure doors. Be silent. Be still.

The university lifted the lockdown two hours later but advised students, faculty, and staff to steer clear of the crime scene.

Omar Caid, a student at the school, said he got an email from Temple telling him to take cover. At first, he said, he wasn’t worried — he’s seen shootings in his community before.

“I thought it was a normal shooting — this isn’t the best neighborhood, but it isn’t the worst,” he said. I thought it was gang-related, then I heard it was three officers and knew this was different.

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