Maurice Willoughby Bio

Maurice Willoughby Bio

Maurice Willoughby was a Philadelphia man who died by suicide shortly after he endured extensive bullying for dating a trans woman.

AKA Reese social media pages have been flooded with tributes, with many promising to make sure that his story was heard. One friend wrote, R.I.P bro, your story will be told.

Reese’s story and the relationship went viral after he wrote a Facebook video post defending his girlfriend, Faith back in July 2019.

The video began to circulate the internet in which random individuals appear to be aggressively bullying Reese over his decision to be in a relationship with a trans person.

Reese was living in Philadelphia at the time of his death. He also appeared to be an aspiring rapper, according to his Instagram.

Maurice Willoughby Girlfriend

Reese was in relations with a trans woman, named Faith. He appeared to defend the trans community at large in a Facebook photo in which he responded to a photo of a trans woman (whose original caption was 3 words???) with, “Living her Truth.”

In his cover photo, Reese appears to be responding to judgment from others, with a selfie and a caption that reads, “These [n-words] think I’m gay well that’s okay.

Maurice Willoughby Wrote a Facebook Post Defending his decision to date a Trans Woman

In a Facebook post on July 2019, Reese defended his relationship and his right to love whomever he pleases.

He wrote in part; Y’all can say whatever about faith I really don’t care if she not passable I don’t care if she wasn’t born a woman she is a woman to me  I love her flaws that’s what makes her faith if you heard her story it’s motivating….. I’m happy you should be happy for me.


Then the video of Reese’s bullying began to gain traction online. Reese friends have since said, via The Advocate, that the bullying got to Reese. One friend, Amethyst Jade Lee, said per the publication, “That was my friend and everyone who took part in bullying his need to be in jail.”

Yves Mathieu, an activist model, and artist shared a photo of Reese and his girlfriend, Faith, in a heartfelt

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