Maya Boyce Biography, Wiki, Age, Cameron Boyce’s Sister

Maya Boyce Bio
Maya Boyce Bio

Maya Boyce Biography – Maya Boyce Wiki

Maya Boyce is the sister of Cameron Boyce Maya and her brother frequently gushed about each other on social media.

Cameron and Maya were both born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Cameron was 20 at the time of his passing. The Boyce family confirmed the news of Cameron’s death in a statement to ABC.

  1. Maya Boyce’s age 16 years.
  2. Her parents are Libby and Victor Boyce.
  3. Birthday December 28 and Born in 2001.
  4. She was only about 7 years old when Cameron got his first acting job.
  5. Birth Sign Capricorn.
  6. She attended the premiere of Planes with Cameron.

on Cameron Boyce Death Maya wrote on Instagram

miss my bud,
Sibling relationships can be tough sometimes, however, Maya and Cameron seemed to have a beautiful friendship.

They appeared on each other’s social media pages frequently, sending nice messages, wishing happy birthdays, sharing throwback photos, among other things.

Maya supported Cameron at his high school graduation in 2017. My best friend graduated AND turned 18❣️ He’s a grown ass man or something, she wrote.

Maya posted a sweet photo of her and Cameron dressed in costumes when they were kids. She shared the photo and a message on Cameron’s 19th birthday on May 28, 2018.

Happy birthday, cameron, Maya wrote. Sucks we’re not together today but I’m coming to Canada so watch your back. I love you so much. And just a reminder that spots have always suited you.

Libby reportedly worked on Skid Row as a health worker. In an interview with Dazed, Cameron talked about his mother. My mum was a social worker in health when the AIDS epidemic hit, and now she’s doing homeless coordinating and managing teams on Skid Row, he said.

While Libby was Cameron’s inspiration, Victor was his best friend. In an interview with Raw, Boyce said that his dad always talked about not wasting your talent, which is something that has sort of stuck with me. I would say that is a good one, for my career. He’s always been my best friend and he’s sort of been my light for me.

Maya also has a beautiful relationship with her parents.