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Mejid Hamzy was a younger brother of Brothers 4 Life gang leader Bassam Hamzy. He has been shot dead in what police believe was a targeted attack on 19th October in Sydney’s south-west.

4 Life Gang leader Bassam Hamzy

Bassam Hamzy shaped the Brothers 4 Life group while in prison after his transformation to revolutionary Islam. The group has a few branches in the southwestern rural areas of Sydney. In 1999, 19-year-old Bassam Hamzy gave dead a youngster in a Sydney dance club path and was condemned to 21 years in jail for the homicide. The mob crew was called to the scene Monday morning and a consumed escape vehicle was discovered left external a house in the close-by the suburb of Yagoona.

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Traffic headings have been given and individuals are encouraged to avoid the zone. Inhabitants who attempt to leave their homes are permitted to do as such by police request. The murder group is helping examinations and the wrongdoing scene has been set up.

Mejid Hamzy Wife, Family

We will soon update the details of hamzy wife and family.

Cause of Death, Suspect

Deputy Inspector Darren Sly said the two men were spotted running from the shooting scene into an indescribable vehicle. Deputy Inspector Sly said, “Based on what we know, the two men I described seem to be waiting for the man to leave his house this morning, so we can definitely say that this is a target shot at this early stage.”

“Shortly after the clash, we received reports of a burnt-down vehicle in Yagoona.” Deputy Inspector Sly said it is not yet known whether the car was linked to the shooting. “The police are always worried that when we open a public fire, they might have repercussions,” he said. “After the hit, the man managed to move or run for a hundred yards before he collapsed.”

A woman who did not give her name said that Mejid Hamzy’s son was his brother-in-law and a “good man”. “He’s a nice family man,” he said. “I can’t believe … we were having a barbecue together yesterday.”

He said the attack would “greatly” shake society.

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