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Melinda Sanders is identified as the schools’ bus driver who dragged a 6-year-old girl in Kentucky by her school bus for 1,000 feet. At the same time, the driver remained oblivious to what was going on. The lawsuit states that the child, identified as A.R. in the lawsuit, suffered severe nerve damage and PTSD. She has had multiple surgeries.


Melinda Sanders’s age is unknown yet.

Viral Video

The video of the incident — which went down in 2015 — is expected to be shown in Jefferson County Court as part of a civil suit against the driver, Melinda Sanders, and the school district. The video — first obtained by WAVE-TV Louisville — starts with the little girl exiting the bus … but then things go wrong when her backpack gets caught by the doors.

You can see the girl desperately trying to get the bus driver’s attention, but the driver takes off and doesn’t seem to check if the girl had properly exited the bus first.

A student’s seen standing next to the bus driver in the video, but the student doesn’t notice the girl’s little body being dragged. The bus even makes a left turn, and you can hear cars honking at the bus.

The driver tells a student to sit down and THEN seems to finally notice the little girl’s caught in every parent’s worst nightmare. The bus driver was promptly fired after the incident.

As for the child, she reportedly suffered severe nerve damage and PTSD and has needed multiple surgeries. The family’s suing for unspecified damages.

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