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Micah Downey Bio – Wiki

Micah Downey was an American start, best known for role in Bride and Prejudice has died from a mixture of illegal and prescription drugs. He had engaged Millie Johnson and he appeared on the reality show.

Micah Downey Age

He has died at the age of 26.

Micah Downey Fiance (Milly Johnson)

Downey was engaged to Millie Johnson. the couple has a 2-years-old son and his Fiance also pregnant with their second child.  The pair went on Bride and Prejudice to repair their troubled relationship, but they split before walking down the aisle. Millie began her marriage to Micah during an episode that aired in November, after revealing she was worried that alcohol and marijuana would have a bad effect on her son, Julian.

On the show, Milly said she’s not well and she needs a lot of help and I feel for him because I love him, but he’s really made progress. And I thought he had it. I’m very sad because I don’t want Julian to grow up. It just doesn’t need such a role model. Miley Johnson’s mother, Catherine Johnson, warned that her daughter’s troubled ex-fiancé, Micah Downey, is on the verge of self-destruction in the scenes that led to the sudden death of the young man, 26, last month.


After the breakup, Milly Johnson revealed what happened between them on Instagram. Currently, Milly, who has a son with Micah and is pregnant with his second child.

Death Cause

Micah Downey died suddenly on Saturday at the age of 26. His ex-fiancée, Milly Johnson, who also featured on Bride and Prejudice, confirmed the sad news on Instagram on Tuesday.

It is so sad and unbelievably surreal that I am making this post. On the 28 December 2019 Micah Patrick Downey passed away, she wrote. I am struggling to put into words how sad and heartbreaking this is, I just hope he is at peace wherever he is and that he will always be watching over his babies. A bad, bad dream. I can’t believe you’re not here. Rest In Peace Micah.

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