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Milan Loncar was a recent graduate of Temple University who shot dead by a Philadelphia man while walking his dog. On Wednesday at about 7 pm, he walked his dachshund-chihuahua mix dog named Roo, shot dead just one block from his home.

He lived on the 1400 block of North Corlies Street and was pronounced dead half an hour later at Temple University Hospital. He Grew up in Wayne and went to Conestoga High School. Loncar, an engineering major, graduated from Temple in 2019 and worked for Whiting-Turner, a construction management company, his family said.

A combined reward of more than $40,000 from the police and family generated a GoFundMe campaign for information leading to an arrest and conviction.


Milan Loncar had killed when he was 25 years old.

Shot Dead While He Was Walking His Dog

Loncar was killed before 7 Wednesday on Jefferson Street close 31st on a block from his Brewerytown house when two men had approached him during an apparent robbery, authorities said. One man pointed a handgun at the victim, and then both began hitting toward his trousers pockets until the victim is taken once in his torso, authorities said. Then they ran south on the 31st. Police on Thursday night launched a movie compilation showing both assailants.


Loncar’s mother told WPVI that he planned to move in with his girlfriend in March and has been”just beginning” in life. Surveillance video showed the moment when two guys approached Milan, reached for his pockets, and then fatally shot him in the chest in what police think was a robbery attempt.
They discovered Loncar’s keys and cellphone on the scene, but his wallet was back in his house, relatives told the Inquirer.

Loncar’s sister, who lived just blocks away from her”charismatic and typed” younger brother, is now thinking about moving out of Philadelphia, she explained.

“I don’t understand why they did this,” Amy Lounsberry informed the station. “I can’t understand. They didn’t receive any cash. Did they need it badly, or were they trying to show off?”
“I don’t know if he had been targeted,” Jelena Loncar said. “I don’t know whether they were going to rob anyone. If he’s walking his dog, why could he have a ton of cash?

Milan Loncar Girlfriend

After his girlfriend, Olivia Gorski, called him her ‘soulmate’ as she broke down in tears during his vigil Friday night.

“He was my soulmate, and I don’t think I have a plan anymore without him,” said girlfriend Olivia Gorski.


Philadelphia Police said Saturday a suspect had been arrested in the shooting. The suspects then ran from the scene while Milan clutched the dog’s leash.

Police released the surveillance video from Wednesday night’s incident in an attempt to help identify the suspects. The video shows two suspects walking down the sidewalk then splitting up to corral Milan as they approach him, stopping him in his tracks.

One of the suspects can be seen pulling out what appears to be a gun and holding it at chest level to stop Milan. The suspect then seems to reach for Milan’s pockets. Police said that a shot was then fired and that the suspects ran from the scene.

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