Myáh Lareé Israelite

Myáh Lareé Israelite Bio

Myáh Lareé Israelite is a woman from USA, who aught on camera brazenly climbing into the lion enclosure on 28 September 2019.

The boneheaded daredevil goes by the name Myáh Lareé Israelite, according to her Instagram, where she also posted a video of herself inside the zoo’s giraffe enclosure on Saturday.

Bronx Zoo Video

She posted the video on her Instagram account, claiming that she had no fear of getting into the enclosure as animals can feel love just like humans. She added that the only people who weren’t scared were her and the children.

Videos of her taunting a lion from the wrong side of a zoo fence went viral on Tuesday.


here is the link of his Instagram account:

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