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According to Nate Silvester wiki, Bio and Biography, He is an Idaho police officer who has gone viral after he mocked NBA’s Lebron James on TikTok. She has previously defended Kim Potter, the former Brooklyn Center veteran police officer who is charged with second-degree manslaughter over the shooting death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright.


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He also has 200,000 followers on TikTok, where he often shares videos about his life as a cop.

Mocked LeBron James

He is an officer in the Marshal’s Office in Bellevue, a tiny town south of Ketchum in Blaine County, posted a video on TikTok mocking James’ tweet. As he sits in the driver’s seat of a patrol car, Silvester asks an imaginary person outside the car to put down a knife while he pretends to take a call from the NBA superstar.


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In TikTok videos posted last Thursday, Nate Silvester—an officer with the Marshal’s Office in Bellevue, Idaho—came to Potter’s defense after a commenter made fun of her on one of the cop’s TikTok videos, in which he orchestrates a prank on his coworkers involving a taser.

The commenter joked “At least he knows the difference between a Glock and a taser,” referring to debates over whether Potter mistakenly grabbed her gun instead of her taser before shooting Wright. Silvester posted a two-part response to the comment, claiming he has been “getting lots of these comments lately” from people he assumes have “never worn a uniform.”

“Yeah, the female officer in the Daunte Wright incident f***ed up big time, she made a huge mistake, it’s awful, it’s horrible, but at least she had the balls to wear the badge and do the job for 26 years in an area like Minneapolis,” he said.

Silvester continued by stating he could “only imagine the amount of good” Potter has done in her 26 years on the force.

“Endless crimes that have been prevented probably saved a few lives even,” he said. “But none of that stuff matters now. It’s all being disregarded because of this one mistake, and her life has changed forever.”

In his second video, Silvester went on: “Your response to my comment at the end of part one of this is ‘Well, a resisting arrest doesn’t warrant a death sentence.’ No s**t. No one ever said it did.”

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