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Nedim Yasar
Nedim Yasar

Nedim Yasar Bio, Wiki

Nedim Yasar was born in 1987 in Turkey. He was a former Danish gang member, and later a radio host on the Danish talk station Radio24syv with the programme titled Police Radio.


He is 33 years old

Earlier Life

He was born in Kurdish parents to Turkish parents and was four years old when he moved to Denmark with his family. She grew up in the Granporton residential planning community in Bellarp, ​​in the western suburbs of Copenhagen.

He was expelled from school in the sixth grade after threatening another student. He became part of the group’s environment from the age of 15 to the age of 25 and founded and headed the Danish motorcycle gang Las Guerrero in support of a rocker affiliated with the group.

He became part of the gang band Bandidos. He was imprisoned for extortion and violence. After serving a sentence in jail, he signed up for an exit program catered for gang members. After leaving his criminal life behind, Yasar had become a mentor for troubled youths and talked about his experiences.

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Nedim Yasar Murder

On 19 November 2018, Yasar was hit by gunshots while sitting in his car. He died the following day with Danish Police confirming that he had died succumbing to his wounds. A book about Yasar’s life had been written and just released by his co-host Marie Louise Toksvig titles Rødder: En Gangsters Udvej (meaning Roots: A gangster’s exit route).

Yasar was shot when he was leaving the reception for the book launch. In December 2018, three men were arrested and charged with his murder, with a fourth arrest following in January 2019. The case is expected to go to trial in 2020.

Nedim Yasar Suspect

The motive for the attack in November 2018 remains unknown. Now a court has found two men in their twenties guilty of his killing and jailed them for life. Alexander Findanis was convicted of firing the shots and his friend Martin Binni Svanberg was found guilty of driving the getaway car.

Findanis, 25, is described as a member of the Satudarah motorcycle gang and Svanberg, 26, admitted driving in the area at the time of the killing.

Alexander Findanis was arrested almost a month after the killing and for that reason, he was not able to recall what he did that night. From the [CCTV] video you cannot identify the face or anything, Mai-Brit Storm Thygesen told the BBC.