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Nikole Mitchell is a former California pastor. Mitchell from Orange Country, California, grew up in a strict Baptist family and was training to become the leader of her Christian congregation, but abandoned the pulpit after discovering she was queer.

Her website’s bio states that she lives in southern California with her three kids and one cat.

The mother-of-three appeared on This Morning today, revealing that after coming out as bisexual, she no longer felt she had a place in the church, and decided to fulfill her teenage fantasy of becoming an erotic dancer.


  • Nikole Mitchell, Orange Country, California, grew up in a strict religious family
  • Mother-of-three abandoned the pulpit to start an X-rated website selling racy pics 
  • Stripper knew she had to leave the church after discovering that she was queer 
  • Remains married to her husband John who she says totally supported the decision

Nikole Mitchell Age

She is 36-years-old as of 2020.

Earlier Life and Career

Mitchell grew up in a Religious Household & Had Dreams of Being a Stripper From a Young Age. she was expected to be conservative, modest, and reserved.

Mitchell decided to go into her current career started when she began following the Instagram account of her life coach’s wife, who was doing lingerie modeling. She said, “I was kind of triggered by it, but I was also magnetically drawn to it.” She said soon after, she explored her sexuality further thanks to a class called “Sexpress You.”

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She then signed up for her first nude photo shoot with a professional photographer and that was the true turning point: “I cried because I had never felt more holy and sacred in my life,” she told the outlet. “I never felt more sexy and liberated than I did then.” That’s when she launched her OnlyFans account where she now posts nude photos, videos and interacts with her fans in one-on-one settings.

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In 2011, Mitchell and her husband at the time joined an evangelical megachurch in St. Paul, Minnesota, Woodland Hills Church. She said every Sunday, she’d get in line to speak to the pastor. “One of my pastors said ‘Nikole, did you realize that you’re a theologian?’” Mitchell shared with the Post. “And they said, ‘We’d like you to be one of our pastors.’ To be on stage in front of thousands of people — that’s what I had been dreaming of for years.”

Shortly after she obtained a weekly pastor post at the church in 2016, Mitchell told the Post she began to question her sexuality. She said that same year, she went to an LGBT-oriented play and came to a life-changing realization: “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t think I’m straight’ and it rocked my world.”

Mitchell now identifies as bisexual and pansexual, she told the outlet, but at the time, she did not want to reveal her sexuality over fears that, “I would lose it all because the church is not welcoming to queer people.” She said that was difficult for her, as it felt that she was living a double life and felt uncomfortable.

Nikole Mitchell Husband

In 2019, she moved to Los Angeles with her three children, who are now ten, seven, and four, she shared with the Post. She divorced her husband in June, the outlet reported. She told This Morning she has begun sharing information about her career with her kids in “age-appropriate conversations.” She explained, “I think as any parent we want the best for our kids and never want to hurt them. They know I do modeling and nude modeling and we’re having age-appropriate conversations.”

She joked, “I think that when they see my work when they’re older they’ll laugh and say ‘Mommy someone can do it better than you.’” Her website’s bio states that she lives in southern California with her three kids and one cat.

Nikole Mitchell
Nikole Mitchell

She told This Morning that her husband at the time, John, is a “beautiful soul” and the first person she came out to. The two had been married six or seven years at the time. She described his reaction: “He said, ‘I think that’s normal, natural, and I am so happy for you.’”

She told This Morning that she’s no longer in contact with people from her former church but she wouldn’t be surprised if some had subscribed to her OnlyFans page. She said, “It’s very polarising what I do, people are either A-okay or not okay with it. At the end of the day, I have to decide what I am called to do and trust that calling, and let the chips fall where they may. A lot of people have come around to support me, and I have lost a lot of people along the way.”

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