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Olga Diaz Admitted that he and Jamim Mauricio Leon de Bloomfield, 34, planned to torture the boy. A Long Branch woman was sentenced Friday, October 15, to 35 years in prison for plotting and carrying out a sexual assault with a young child four years ago. The victim was less than five years old at the time, and Diaz knew her, authorities said. In early April, Olga Diaz, 35, pleaded guilty to planning and participating in a C ** sexual assault in 2017. What

In court, Diaz admitted that 34-year-old Jamie Mauricio Leon de Bloomfield had planned to assault the girl via text message sexually. Diaz allegedly texted Leon on June 15, 2017, with pictures of the naked boy, and the next day, he sent her a video of himself sexually assaulting the boy. Monmouth County Prosecutor Chris Grami Seoni said she then saw Diaz and sexually assaulted the boy.

Charged – Arrested.

The two were allegedly apprehended by a passerby and reportedly alerted by police, who saw something through a window outside the Sea View Avenue apartment unit. The investigation began on June 16, 2017. Diaz was arrested the same day, and Leon was arrested in Fort Lee about a week later.

Authorities later recovered all the writings, photos, and videos collected and attacked a small child. Diaz and Leon are also having sex with each other, officials said. Police found out that Diaz had given the boy sleeping pills.

Diaz pleaded guilty to endangering a child’s well-being by allowing two counts of ** sexual assault and a child to be sexually assaulted and filmed in a first-degree manner. Lyon was sentenced in 2019 to 25 years in state prison for first-degree abuse and second-degree child pornography.

Diaz will be 64 years old before being eligible for parole. Under New Jersey’s Jessica Lansford Law and Non-Release Law, she must serve 33 1/2 years in prison before being eligible for parole. Upon release, he will be asked to register under Megan’s Law and probation for life. Megan’s Law is the name of a federal law in the United States that requires law enforcement authorities to make public information about registered ** former offenders. Laws were made in response to the assassination of Megan Kanka.

“The depth of filth required to plan and commit this type of crime against two people against a defenseless child is beyond the comprehension of the English language and human comprehension. That’s right,” Qaim said. Monmouth County Prosecutor Lori Linsky said in a statement. “There is no place in any civilized society for people who are capable of such things.” Diaz was represented by El Capin, Ore, and West Orange. Lyon was represented by Michael Khans, Ore, Lawrence Well.

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