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Paddy Moloney She is married to artist Rita O’Reilly, with whom she has three children, Aungus Moloney, Pedrag Moloney, and actress and producer Eden Moloney. He was an Irish musician, songwriter, and producer who co-founded and directed the Irish musical group The Chaptens.

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Paddy Moloney She was 83 years old

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Paddy Moloney, founder of the Irish traditional music group The Chiefs, died on Monday, October 11. He was 83 years old. Tribute to the great artist by fans around the world. The cause of death could not be ascertained at the time of publication.

A man of many talents, Paddy Moloney grew up in a family of musicians in Dublin and began playing the tin whistle and later playing the Evelyn flute at an early age. Later, he learned from pipe master Leo Rossum. In 1962, Paddy formed a band with Sean Potts, Michael Tobredy and Sean Kane, later known as The Sardar. Recently, we’ve seen the disappearance of many great music icons: Dusty Hill, Buzz Marquee, Sound Sultan, Robert Eugene Steinhart, to name a few.

The Sardar became one of the most popular traditional Irish groups in the world, winning six Grammy Awards, among other awards. The Irish Traditional Music Archive (ITMA) says some may claim that “the level of influence of Paddy Moloney on the power of traditional music around the world.” Irish President Michael de Haggins also recalled the music icon at his death, saying: With great sadness, Paddy Moloney, the founder, and leader of the warlords, will be discovered. Next was the one that praised Irish music and culture internationally.

Fans paid tribute to the legend and posted tweets commemorating his legacy, such as “One of the best albums. How much Paddy Moloney has contributed to Irish music and music in general. May God keep him calm.” ” Another tweet read: “This is a really sad moment. Paddy Moloney played O’Riada and brought Irish music to the world. Her legacy will live on forever.” One person tweeted: “Sure The most commonly used phrase is ‘the day the music dies’. Suitable Today, RIP Paddy Moloney. Another fan wrote: “Paddy Moloney has left a great legacy of a great band, one of the best productions in Ireland in any musical genre.” One tweet read: “RIP Paddy Moloney. Amazing flutist, cheerful man and traditional music curator. He was the one who helped lift a beautiful culture out of the darkness of colonialism and spread it around the world.”

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