Pastor David Wilson (Pastor Sex Video) Bio, Age, Wiki, Family, Wife, Children

Pastor David Wilson
Pastor David Wilson

Pastor David Wilson Bio, Biography

Pastor David Wilson is the senior pastor of Bibleway Ministries for nearly 40 years. On October 16, a viral video purporting to show the minister performing a sex act on a woman spread on social media.

David Wilson is the Senior Pastor and also operates a consulting business in Texarkana.

Pastor David E Wilson from Texarkana, is a city of fewer than 40,000 people on the border between Texas and Arkansas.

Pastor David Wilson Sex Video

David E Wilson Viral Sex Video is surrounding on video. In the video seen purporting to show the minister performing a sex act on a woman spread on social media.

The scandal has resulted in many Facebook users posting this meme, showing the address of Pastor Wilson’s church.

Family members said that they did not know if the video is real or a hoax meant to insult the pastor’s reputation.

Pastor Wilson is not the first Texas-based pastor to become embroiled in a sex scandal. In February 2019, the Christian Post reported that Pastor Joshua Holmes had shown in a sex tape with multiple women.

The scandal erupted after radio host Larry Reid said that he had sent a copy of the sex tape.

Reid said in his broadcast around the scandal, and This is a sex tape. Sexual escapade captured on the phone.

Holmes, a married father of three, had previously been accused of infidelity by a member of his flock, Yasir Wright.

Earlier Life and Business

He was the leader of the Black Chamber of Commerce in Texarkana. During an interview, he spoke of his role, saying, We’re just happy to be in a new location and doing bigger and better things. Overall, I only see a serious excitement at getting organized to go into business.