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Patrick Stallworth Bio

Patrick Stallworth and his girlfriend Derick Irisha Brown is the two suspects accused in the kidnapping and murder of a toddler in Birmingham, Alabama.

An amber alert prompted for the disappearance of Kamille Cupcake McKinney on October 12, 2019. Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith announced on October 22 that the remains of the 3-year-old girl had discovered in a dumpster at a landfill.

Police said that both Stallworth and Brown would face charges of capital murder and kidnapping.

Patrick Stallworth Charges

Patrick Stallworth and Derick Irisha Brown questioned within a day of Kamille McKinney’s disappearance.

Chief Smith commented that investigators believed the suspects “saw an opportunity to take a young child which they did. Our further investigation will reveal whatever actions were taken after that.”

According to an attorney for Stallworth’s girlfriend, Brown, has said that she denied any involvement with McKinney’s murder.

Stallworth’s attorney had said his client has an alibi for when McKinney went missing. Police have not publicly speculated about a possible motive.

Stallworth’s attorney, Emory Anthony, said that Stallworth had been “outraged” to learn that he suspected of kidnapping McKinney. He has denied any involvement.

Brown went to the relative’s house the next day and took her daughters at gunpoint. Officers found Brown and her daughters a few hours later in Fairfield, Alabama. Brown arrested

Derick Irisha Brown Bio

Derick Irisha Brown is 29 years old and also goes by the name Quentesa Jackson. She is the mother of three young girls. In July of 2018, she lost custody of her daughters, and the children placed with a family member.

Patrick Stallworth Vehicle at Crime Scene

According to Birmingham Police, Stallworth’s Toyota Sequoia connected to the scene of the kidnapping. The police department released a surveillance video from the Tom Brown Village that purported to show a potential suspect in the background.

The vehicle matched the description given by other children who had been in the area at the time Kamille McKinney went missing. Police said those child witnesses had also said that a man had been giving out candy at the Tom Brown housing community.

Criminal Record

Besides the connection to the Kidnapping and murder of Kamille McKinney, Patrick Stallworth initially arrested on different charges in other cases.

The Police said that they found images of child pornography on Stallworth’s cell phone, but not McKinney’s.

Stallworth charged on four counts of Possession of Child Pornography and three counts of Possession of Child Pornography with Intent to Distribute. Bond set at $500,000. Stallworth posted bail and released from custody on October 17.

Stallworth was arrested again following the discovery of the child’s remains in the dumpster. He was booked back into jail around 2 a.m. on October 23.

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