Tekashi 69’s Girlfriend : Rachel Wattley (Jade) Bio, Wiki, Age, Background, Boyfriend

Rachel Wattley (Jade)

Rachel Wattley Jade Bio, Wiki

Rachel Wattley Jade is the girlfriend of American rapper Tekashi 69. She is serious about her dedication to 6ix9ine. she got a famous photo of Takashi in May with a tattoo on his left chest and shoulders, smiling and smothering his mouth, and another rapper’s tattoo was added to his shoulder / back in July.


Rachel Wattley Jade Husband & Children

Rachel Wattley (Jade) has a 4-year-old daughter named Jae’la. She posts photos and tributes to her regularly on her Instagram page and dresses her up in designer clothes. She Jade not disclosed who the father of Jae’la is.


Rachel Wattley (Jade) Work?

Jade works at a number of bars and strip clubs with her twin sister, Baddie Gi. They bartend together at Angels Strip Club and LustNY. Baddie Gi is a model in addition to being a bartender and like her sister, posts photos of her in designer clothes, wearing expensive jewelry, and jet setting to exotic locales around the world.

Tekashi 69 $35,000 Rolex Gift

Just before going to federal prison, Takashi purchased one last gift for Jade, a 41mm Rolex Detest Just custom made with 18k white and rose gold and 24 carat VS diamonds. The Rolex was created by famous jeweler Jimmy Boi and was taken to Jade by Takashi as he celebrated his birthday with friends and family at the Geo Lane kitchen.


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