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Ray Roseberry is from Grover, North Carolina, which is in Cleveland County. US Capitol Police said Roseberry was inside a van parked outside the Library of Congress, claiming to have explosives with a detonator in hand. Roseberry turned herself into police shortly after 2 p.m. and was arrested without further incident. Several charges are pending against Roseberry.

Investigators said Roseberry had a propane tank in his truck but said they weren’t sure if there was an explosive device in the vehicle. Roseberry posted several videos on a now-deleted Facebook page on Thursday, demanding to speak with President Joe Biden. Authorities have not determined Roseberry’s motive at this time. During a long Facebook live video, Roseberry said, “the revolution is on” and that he would “die for this land.”

WCNC Charlotte confirmed that Roseberry is a Republican registered voter since 2016. Investigators said Roseberry’s criminal record was “nothing that serious.” In the late 1980s, Roseberry was charged with theft of more than $ 200 and driving without a license. He was given probation for those crimes. United States Capitol Police said Roseberry’s mother recently passed away. Members of Roseberry’s family told police that he was dealing with “other problems.”

Ray Roseberry Age

Ray Roseberry is 49 years old.

Ray Roseberry Capitol Hill bomb threat

A man who claimed to have a bomb in a van near the Capitol turned himself into police after an hour-long standoff Thursday that sparked a massive police response and evacuations of government buildings and businesses in the area.

Police did not immediately know if there were explosives in the vehicle, but authorities were searching the truck to understand what led the man, identified by law enforcement officers as 49-year-old Floyd Ray Roseberry of North Carolina, to drive. onto the sidewalk outside the Library of Congress and threaten officers with a bomb.

The confrontation was resolved peacefully after approximately five hours of negotiations and ended when Roseberry got out of the truck and was taken into police custody. But the incident brought the area around the Capitol to a virtual standstill when police emptied buildings and cordoned off streets as a precaution. Congress is in recess this week, but staff members were seen quietly exiting the area following instructions from authorities.

The episode unfolded during a tense period in Washington, eight months after the insurrection in the United States Capitol and a month before a planned rally in Washington that law enforcement officials were preparing for. The incident began around 9:15 a.m. when a truck with no license plate came up the sidewalk outside the library. The driver told the officer that he replied that he had a bomb and was holding what the officer believed to be a detonator. The truck had no license plates.

Police negotiators spent hours communicating with Roseberry as he wrote notes and showed them to authorities from inside the truck, according to the two people and a third person also reported the matter, all of whom spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized. To do it. publicly discuss the matter.

“My negotiators are working hard to bring about a peaceful resolution to this incident,” said United States Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger earlier that day. “We are trying to get as much information as possible to find a way to solve this peacefully.”

As police continued negotiations, a video of Roseberry appeared on Facebook Live inside the truck, which was filled with coins and boxes. He was threatening explosions, making threats against the government, and speaking out about what he believes to be the country’s ills, including the US position on Afghanistan, health care, and the military.

He said Democrats should resign, and then he also said he loved the president, Democrat Joe Biden. Facebook removed the videos a few hours after they were filmed. Roseberry didn’t seem to have a specific law enforcement demand other than talking to Biden.

Videos posted to her Facebook before the page was taken down appear to show Roseberry at the Nov. 14 rally attended by thousands of Trump supporters to protest what they claimed was a stolen election. A video appears to have been shot by Roseberry as she marches with a crowd of hundreds carrying US flags and Trump flags and shouting “stop the robbery.”

Roseberry’s ex-wife, Crystal Roseberry, said she had seen images of the man in the confrontation on Capitol Hill and confirmed to The Associated Press that she was her ex-husband. She said that she had never known he had explosives, but that he was an avid firearms collector. The nation’s capital has been tense since the Jan.6 uprising on Capitol Hill by supporters of then-President Donald Trump.

The fence that had been installed around the Capitol grounds had been up for months but was removed this summer. A day before thousands of pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol, homemade bombs were left at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee in Washington. No one has yet been arrested for planting the bombs. The RNC, not far from where the truck was parked Thursday, was also evacuated because of the threat. Officials are also nervous about a planned September rally in D.C.

Roseberry Has a Criminal History

North Carolina court records show a criminal history for Roseberry for larceny. He also has a traffic offense for operating a vehicle without a license. Videos showed a massive law enforcement response to the scene.

Court records show an old bankruptcy under his name. According to the AP, police were trying to determine whether the device in the truck was an “operable explosive” and whether the man in the truck was “holding a detonator.” Snipers were being sent to the scene, according to AP.

According to CBS News, the vehicle in question was a pickup truck outside the Library of Congress. Staff in the Thomas Jefferson building were told to evacuate. Staff in the James Madison building were told to lock doors and take cover, according to CBS. According to the Associated Press, parts of the Capitol Hill complex were evacuated as authorities investigated the possible threat.

Roseberry ranted about Biden on Facebook.

“It’s almost time…take an extra pair of civilians clothes for our heroes… who can carry arms in… BIDEN YOUR FIRED…NO ISN’T A OPTION…FLEE OUR LAND,” he wrote four days ago. I love this land. We got a few options here Joe. You shoot me, two and a half blocks are going with me. And then you’re talking about a revolution. The Revolution is on,” he said in one Facebook Live video.

“My trench coat will be here Friday… I’m excited,” he wrote with a typo the day before, showing a flag and cowboy hat on his pickup dashboard. Roseberry ranted about Facebook, comparing the platform to a “lying Democratic politician.” He criticized Greta Thunberg. The New York Times quoted a law enforcement official as saying he was making “anti-government statements” on Facebook.

Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone told Politico that Roseberry’s Facebook and Instagram were removed by the company. “We are in contact with law enforcement,” Stone said. “Our teams are working to identify, remove, and block any other instances of the suspect’s videos which do not condemn, neutrally discuss the incident or provide neutral news coverage of the issue.”

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