Renae Olivia is a 51 years old Fashion & Beauty Blogger from New Jersey. She is a mom who has become a social media sensation — and it’s all down to her age-defying looks. Olivia has racked up more than 346,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok, with fans left floored when they learn.

Olivia has two young sons — Tristan, 6, and Kaidyn, 2 — who also help keep her fit and active. She now says she looks and feels so good that she’s no longer worried about getting older.

Renae Olivia – Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Fashion & Beauty Blogger

“I dreaded 30 more than 50,” she confessed. “Fifty is definitely a daunting number, however, I am 100% more confident and content now in this stage of my life. I want women to know it’s never too late to go for what they want in life. I’m living my best life.”

Olivia did not meet her now-husband until she was 38 years old and says she’s always been a slow starter in life.

“Everything I’ve been through and achieved in my life has been roughly 10 years later than what’s considered ‘normal,’ I guess you would say,” she stated.

Thanks to IVF, the beauty had her first child at 45 and her second at 48. She is now telling other women it’s never too late to follow their dreams.

“Know it’s never too late to go for what you want in life,” Olivia declared. “My advice to others is don’t question yourself or doubt yourself. Just do it.”

While Olivia has amassed thousands of fans on TikTok, she has also encountered some trolls who cruelly call her “grandma” and say she’s too old for the social media app.

But the beauty is unbothered and isn’t letting the haters get her down.

“We all need to remember that if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to be my age, too,” Olivia wisely stated. “Why make someone feel less than or not worthy because of their age? It makes no sense.”


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People are pretty surprised when I tell them my age,” the Hoboken bombshell told Media Drum World. “I kept getting asked by women what my secrets were for looking younger than my age, so I figured it was a great reason to start this journey [on social media].”

Olivia now creates viral videos revealing the surprisingly simple secrets that help her look half her age.

“Fashion and style help me. If you carry yourself with confidence, it helps for sure,” the former New Yorker and mom of two said.

In addition to confidence and a killer wardrobe, Olivia also sleeps on a silk pillowcase. She has a “consistent skin-care routine,” making sure she moisturizes parts of her body that are prone to wrinkling.

“Never neglect the neck and hands,” Olivia warned other middle-aged moms. “They can be the telltale signs of ageing.”

The beauty also makes sure to protect her skin from the sun, saying she stopped tanning at 18 years old. And, of course, a healthy diet and regular workouts don’t hurt, either.

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