Robert Solis Bio

Robert Solis is 47-years-old suspect with a violent criminal history who stands accused of ambushing and murdering Sandeep Dhaliwal.

Sandeep Dhaliwal Bio (Who is He..?)

Sandeep Dhaliwal was a  42-years-old Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy. He is the 1st Sikh who, join the force ten years ago and Sheriff Ed Gonzalez called him ‘a trailblazer’ who was active in the community as a philanthropist.

Dhaliwal is the second Texas deputy to die while making a traffic stop this year.

Robert Solis Criminal History

A review of Harris County court records shows that the suspect is a 47-year-old Robert Solis with a severe past including a conviction for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was released in 2014 after serving only 12 years of a 29-year prison sentence.

He then accused of drunk driving, but a parole board didn’t send him back to prison. In 2017, a warrant issued after he again charged with violating parole for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and weapon possession. He was still wanted on order at the time of Dhaliwal’s death for allegedly carrying a firearm.

Solis has other severe charges on his record, such as aggravated kidnapping from 2002. He accused of “holding his 4-year-old hostage after shooting another man in southwest Houston,” reported Fox26. A SWAT team eventually convinced Solis to let the child go.

Robert Solis Killed Sandeep Dhaliwal

The officer had stopped a vehicle with two people inside when one of the occupants was able to leave the car, approach the deputy from behind ‘basically just shot him in a very ruthless, cold-blooded way,’ twice, Harris County Sheriff Gonzalez said.

He added the execution carried out ‘ambush-style’ and a female witness who was in her yard at the time of the shooting said she saw the suspect flee in a getaway vehicle.

Dhaliwal’s dashboard camera captured video showing Dhaliwal speaking with the driver in what appeared to be a conversational tone with ‘no combat, no arguing,’ Sheriff’s Maj. Mike Lee, who arrived on the scene after the shooting, said.

The driver’s door opened at one point, and Dhaliwal shut it as the driver remained in the vehicle.

When Dhaliwal turned to walk back to his patrol car, the driver steps from the vehicle ‘almost immediately running with a gun already out,’ Lee said about the video.

The driver shot the deputy from behind, hitting him in the back of the head. The driver got back in his car and drove away.

A deputy a short time later found and arrested a nervous man matching the description of the driver in a business at a nearby strip shopping center, Lee said.

The weapon found on the scene of the shopping plaza.

A woman believed to have been a passenger in the car also was taken into custody.

Solis was on parole until 2022 for the aggravated kidnapping conviction in 2002.


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