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Roberto Colon Wiki – Roberto Colon Biography

According to Roberto Colon Bio, Wiki, and Biography, He is a man from Florida who is suspected of killing his wife. This is due to a conflict that the couples had. At present, he is under police custody.


Roberto Colon is 66-years-old as of 2021.

Wife Mary Stella

Colon says that his relationship with Gomez-Mullett(44) started as a business. First, he hired her to look after his elderly mother. Later he married her, so she could get a green card and become a citizen.

On February 20, Gomez-Mullett said to be missing. Her family told Boynton Beach Police detectives they had not heard from her in two days. In addition to the probable cause affidavit, her children told police they speak with her daily. 

Colon was identified as her husband and got questioned on her disappearance. He says their relationship was purely business. Further, he believes that MaryStella had robbed him. He adds that they had a confrontation, and he fired her. Lastly, he left her home, and when he came back, MaryStella had already left.

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Gomez-Mulett Death

Later MaryStella was found dead after her disappearance. Moreover, her body was found in Colon’s backyard. After he had denied the murder, this incident had told the police that she was “swimming with the fishes.”

Roberto Colon Arrest, Charges

Colon was arrested On March 5. During that time, he made a joke saying, “There’s one thing they can’t do. They can’t put what’s his name, Humpty Dumpty, back together again.”

Investigators found a more significant amount of blood in the workshop area of Colon’s house. Again Colon claimed he had “never noticed the blood before.”

On February 26, detectives went back to his house, concluding that the workshop’s blood was human. He refers to his workshop as a “slaughterhouse.” Further, he was also found with large quantities of Marijuana. Lately, during their search, they found human remains in the yard.

Colon has been charged with premeditated first-degree murder as well as two drug charges. Moreover, he was denied bond. A public defender was assigned to represent Colon, and his next court hearing was scheduled for April 5. And the judge ordered the “mental health unit do a severe review of the defendant.


On her last day, she had been on the phone with a friend as she drove to Colon’s house. The friend says that Gomez-Mullett told her she was headed to Colon’s home.

The witness told detectives that when Gomez-Mullet was yelling at Roberto. However, the call disconnected before she could hear anything else. She believes Colon may have attacked Gomez-Mullett as soon as she arrived at the house. Also, she tried severally, but that the calls went straight to voicemail.

Another witness whom investigators interviewed a “source of information.” She says that during an argument back in January, Colon had threatened to choke her and bury her in the backyard.

In addition to that, she said she was with Colon while he was on the phone with Gomez-Mullett on multiple occasions. She said that after one of those calls, “Colon said that he would like to kill Gomez-Mullett and bury her in his backyard.”