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Rocky Marciano Price was a 17 Years old Teen, murdered a teaching assistant before hiding her body in a wheelie bin, and burying her in a shallow grave can today be named. He pounced on innocent mum-of-two Lindsay Birbeck as she went for a walk in woodland before crushing her neck and hiding her body.



The 17-year-old had admitted moving Mrs. Birbeck’s body in a wheelie bin but had claimed he buried her for a stranger who had promised him money. He was caught on CCTV with the wheelie bin and the footage was used by police in an appeal.

The teen – a complete stranger to the devoted mum – then stuffed her body in a wheelie bin and hid her at the back of a cemetery – leaving her family devastated that she “never came home” after her sunny afternoon stroll.

He was today named after reporting restrictions were lifted at Preston Crown Court – was taken to the police station by his parents Creddy and Martina after his shocked teachers recognized him in CCTV released by cops. Price, who has a low IQ of 65, was described by teachers as very quiet and pretty much non-verbal.

Lancashire Telegraph today revealed the teen had lived in Accrington with his family including his parents and five siblings. The teen had tried to claim he didn’t kill Lindsay but was offered a lot of money by an unknown man to get rid of the body.

Preston Crown Court heard how the 47-year-old teaching assistant was brutally murdered by the teen, who two hours later was seen on CCTV calmly emerging bare-chested with his tracksuit unzipped.

He put a plan in motion to dispose of Lindsay’s body by first hiding her in a blue wheelie bin and later dragging her across to the cemetery.

After finding a quiet and secluded area near the railway line, he spent over an hour burying her body before leaving a saw, gloves and the wheelie bin at the scene.

Over the next several days the teenager was captured on CCTV returning four times to visit her grave.

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