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According to Romi Chase wiki, Bio and Biography, She is a former school teacher who was once told to “cover-up” because of her uncontainable bosom, has become a millionaire from hawking her wares on OnlyFans, Yahoo! News reports. It took just 18 months of OnlyFans efforts for Florida resident Romi Chase to achieve millionaire status.


Romi Chase’s age is 28-years-old.

Earlier Life

In 2019, she began to pour offers for photography and filming, as plus-size models began to become more and more popular. But Romi has decided to start building her own brand.

She invested in her own studio, bought cameras and cameras or lighting. Then she set up a profile on OnlyFans and that changed her life.

He sells exclusive content at OnlyFans, is said to work twelve hours a day, and pays attention to each client who wants photos or videos.

Romi Chase joins OnlyFans, becomes millionaire

Twenty-eight-year-old Chase did not have an easy life, due to extra pounds. At home in Poland, where she worked as a teacher, she felt strongly and often heard at work that she should cover herself as much as possible.

“The standards of beauty there are strict: blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs, and narrow hips. Being a plus-size girl in Poland and showing your sexuality is a sin. I kept hearing that I was fat and let me cover myself, ” Romi Chase described for the Daily Star server.

And so she set out into the world! She flew to the United States and tried to find a teacher’s job there. But in vain. However, Romi found that the Americans received her and her character much better than they did at home. This gave her confidence and she started creating content on social networks.


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