UPS Miami Shooter: Ronnie Hill Bio, Lamar Alexander Bio, Wiki, Age, Family

Ronnie Hill and Lamar Alexander
Ronnie Hill and Lamar Alexander

Ronnie Hill Bio – Lamar Alexander Bio

Ronnie Jerome Hill and Lamar Alexander are identified as the suspect of Miami Shooting. Four people died Including UPS Truck Driver Frank Ordonez in a shootout Thursday after jewellery robbers. They were killed in a dramatic police chase and shootout after a diamond heist at a jewellery store in the Miami, Florida area, according to the FBI. Authorities have also not explained how the two robbers died.

Ronnie Hill and Lamar Alexander Age

Lamar Alexander is 41, and Ronnie Jerome Hill is also 41 years old.

Ronnie Hill & Lamar Alexander Jewellery robbers

The robbery of Jewelry began around 4 o’clock in the morning at Regent Jewelry Store, Coral Gables, Florida. Ronnie Hill and Lamar Alexander robbed the jewellery store. As the individuals were fleeing, shots were fired, and it (the robbery) was reported across the street at the City Hall in Coral Gables.

When Ronnie Hill and Lamar Alexander fled the area, they kidnapped a UPS truck and abducted the driver. Authorities located the truck, which led to a speeding chase, he added. The chase ended on Miramar through Dead and Broward County.

One woman wrote on Facebook that she was there. What was not happening I saw the police jumping from cars with guns, the police ran towards my car and told me to get out of here. You’ve heard that (G) looks un-shot gun smoke sounds like I was, near my grandmother on the phone, you all hear what’s going on.

Ronnie Hill and Lamar Alexander Criminal Histories

Both robbers have lengthy criminal histories. a person of the same name and age as Alexander has a criminal history in Miami-Dade for armed robbery.  Some news sites had erroneously identified Alexander as the innocent bystander killed until the FBI revealed he was one of the two robbers.

Alexander was guilty of a long criminal history, including armed robbery. He was charged with armed robbery in Lee County in 2009 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. According to the television station, Hill was convicted of various counts of theft and robbery.

Alexander was accused in Lee County of ROBBERY WITH FIREARM OR DEADLY WEAPON Statute: 812.13(2a) Felony – First, Punishable by Life.

Lamar Alexander Brother

Alexander’s brother previously identified him as one of the deceased in the police shooting, and he said that Alexander was a truck driver. Alexander’s brother, Corey Smith, is the football coach at Miami High School.

Smith said Alexander was 41 and three children, the newspaper reported. He told the Tampa Bay Times: I did not know he was living like this, Smith said. In life, you have to make better decisions. We were not raised like that. I love my brother, but he made bad decisions all his life.

PS Driver Frank Ordonez Killed

Four people died Including UPS Truck Driver Frank Ordonez in a shootout Thursday after jewellery robbers stole a UPS truck and led Florida police on a high-speed chase.

The charge was reported by FBI Special Agent George George Peru during a news conference, 20 miles from the location of the initial robbery, in the Miramar, and Dundas was a bypass and the two suspects were killed.

Police in Coral Gables responded to the robbery at the Regent Jewelers store just after 4 pm, Chief Ed Haddock said. They were met by the shooting of two suspects.