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According to Ryan Bane Biography and Wiki, is the boyfriend of Missing Briton Sarm Heslop who was last seen aboard her boyfriend’s yacht in the US Virgin Islands. She is still missing nearly two weeks later. Bane owns the 47-foot luxury catamaran.

Ryan Bane Age

He is 44 years old as of 2021.

Briton Sarm Heslop Missing

Bane had reported girlfriend Sarm Heslop, 41, missing on March 8, but then immediately lawyered up. The couple vanished in the early hours of March 7 while onboard a yacht belonging to an American boyfriend while it was moored in the Virgin Islands.

Ryan called local police at 2:30 a.m. the next morning, saying he had just awakened and realized Heslop was no longer on board, though her passport, purse, and the phone remained behind. The cops told Ryan to call the US Coast Guard immediately. But Ryan allegedly waited until almost noon the next day to report Heslop’s disappearance to the US Coast Guard’s San Juan station.

Now, Bane is facing questions over Miss Heslop’s disappearance after she vanished in mysterious circumstances aboard his boat which was moored in the US Virgin Islands on March 7.

Bane says he was awoken by the ship’s anchor alarm, which detects when the boat is drifting from its moorings, around 2 am and found Miss Heslop – who he met on Tinder eight months prior – missing.

He called the police around 2.30 am who told him to report the incident to the Coast Guard, but he did not call them until 11.46 am.

Family and friends say the disappearance is out of character, and that the timeline of Bane’s calls to police and coastguard ‘makes no sense.’

Ryan Bane EX Wife Statement

The ex-wife of missing Briton Sarm Heslop’s boyfriend has described how she lived in fear of him during their marriage and slept with a shotgun as they divorced.

Cori Stevenson, 43, who was married to 44-year-old Ryan Bane between 2008 and 2014, described him as a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ character who was pleasant in public but became abusive and violent behind closed doors.

The abuse reached ahead in 2011 when Bane attacked Cori at their home in Ohio, leaving her with a bloody face and a chipped tooth. She reported the attack to the police, and he served 21 days in jail for it.

While Cori allowed Bane back into the house afterward, she said ‘there was never a day when I didn’t fear him.

In 2013 Bane was jailed again for violating his probation which ordered him not to see Cori, and the pair divorced the following year.

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Jekyll and Hyde character

Now, in an interview with The Sun, ex-wife Cori has made terrifying claims about their relationship and Bane’s history of violence.

‘He was a total Jekyll and Hyde character,’ she said. ‘He would have a good week, and then all of a sudden he changed.

‘There was never a day when I didn’t fear him. I slept with a shotgun the whole time I went through my divorce.’

Police Investigation

Police say Bane has handed over all of Miss Heslop’s possessions which were left on board the vessel but has denied officers permission to search the boat themselves. Searches of the coastline where the boat was moored and inland from the spot have turned up no trace of her.

Police records reveal more details about 2011, which Cori says happened as the pair were returning from a wedding and Bane flew into a rage.

Police said there were clear signs of a struggle, noting that Stevenson’s ‘right tooth had a chip out of it, her right ear lobe was bloody and scratched, her right shoulder and side of her neck showed red scratches…’.

Bane was taken to police cells before appearing in court charged with domestic violence. Despite having told officers he was ‘defending himself, he pleaded guilty and was jailed for 21 days.

Police reports also allege that Bane had previously assaulted her, an incident that went unreported at the time but she claims left her off work with facial bruises.


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