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A Virginia man named Ryan Bartels has been accused of being the anti-masker who yelled “1776!” at a lady on a New York City subway when she indicated she was terrified in a viral video.

He is a former CarMax employee who most recently resided in Richmond, and he has yet to make a public statement admitting or denying his involvement in the video.

CarMax responded to tweets mentioning him by name by stating that they did not condone the behavior seen in the video and that he had not worked for them since May 2021. The company did not name Bartels in its statement, but when asked if he worked for the used vehicle dealership chain, the company said, “This individual has not worked for our company since May 2021.”

According to a LinkedIn profile that has since been deleted, Bartels worked as a product manager at CarMax.

On the other hand, Bartels has not made a public comment confirming or denying that he is the man in the video.

Before being deleted, his LinkedIn page listed him as a private equity associate and an investment banking analyst.

According to his now-deleted LinkedIn profile, Bartels worked as an investment banking summer analyst at Goldman Sachs from 2014 to 2015 and then worked at two other firms after graduation until commencing his employment at CarMax in 2019.

Ryan Bartels Age

He is 27 years old.

Fast Facts You Need To Know

The incident occurred on the Q subway train in New York City on August 15, 2021. Officials from the New York Police Department and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority have declined to comment on whether or not an inquiry into the incident is ongoing.

Masks are compulsory on New York City subways, according to the MTA. According to the MTA’s website, “It’s required, and it’s the right thing to do. Make sure it covers your nose and mouth. If you’ve forgotten your mask, we’ll have some available at station booths—for kids and adults! You can also purchase a mask from PPE vending machines that we’re testing in 10 stations. Riders who refuse to wear a mask could get a $50 fine.”

A man shouted “1776!” at a woman on the metro in a viral video. A person is known as Naviko, and @Subway DJ shared it on Twitter and TikTok. The woman wore a mask, whereas the man did not.

On Twitter, Naviko wrote, “We need to find out who this guy is and where he works because this was absolutely unacceptable. Unhinged #antimasker #Antivaxxer bullied an elderly woman on the #subway #NYC today.”

The woman can be heard informing him that he should be fined $50 for not wearing his mask at the start of the video.

When he got closer, he could be heard mockingly shouting, “I’m so afraid!” in the woman’s face. After she said, “Please get away from me sir,” he took a step back. However, the camera went away briefly before returning to show him yelling “1776!” at her and shaking his fist in the air. “Sit, take a seat,” he said to the woman who had risen.

When told that he should respect his elders, he responded, “I respect freedom.”

After that, he can be seen asking the individual filming, “Take a seat. Sit down. Sit the f*** down. That’s right.” On social media, many copies of the metro footage have been circulating.

With over one million views, one video became viral. The woman in the video has remained anonymous.

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