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SE Cup is a political commentator with HLN, CNN’s Crossfire, The Blaze’s Real News, MSNBC’s The Cycle, Fox News’ Red IW / Greg Gutfield, and Real Time. Bill Maher is known for his work. She has also written for the Washington Post, New York Daily News, The American Specter, Town Hall, Newsmax, and many more.

But most importantly? SE Cupp is one of Meghan McCain’s best friends. In the past, commentators have opened up about the role of McCain on The View.


He is 42 years old.

Early life

Cupp was born in Oceanside, California. Growing up, she lived in Andover, Massachusetts, and studied at the Academy of Notre Dame.

From the age of six until his teens, he studied ballet. While in ballet school, she suffered from eating disorders and experienced falling again during her college years.

In 2000, Cup received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from Cornell University. While attending Cornell, he worked for Cornell Daily Sun.

In 2010, he received a Master of Arts degree in Religious Studies from New York University’s Gelton School of Individual Studies.


In 2009, Cup was featured as a columnist for the New York Daily News.

In 2011, he was hired as a writer and commentator for Mercury Radio Arts, owned and operated by Glenbeck. Shortly after Beck’s hiring, Cup was given his show, “SE Cup,” on the Insider Extreme broadcast on The show has moved to GBTV (now The Blaze TV).

On June 25, 2012, she began co-hosting Bicycle on MSNBC, with political strategist Crystal Ball, a pop culture commentator tour, and senior salon political writer Steve Cornaki. Although an atheist herself, on July 5, 2012, Cup said on The Cycle that she would “never vote for an atheist president.” When asked for clarification, Cup noted that a president should not represent only 10 to 15 percent of the American population and that faith serves as a check on presidential power.

Kup, who identifies as a log cabin Republican, said the Republican Party should support gay marriage. She describes herself as a “mainstream conservative” but voted for Joe Biden and criticized Ron Paul’s support for a non-interventionist foreign policy.

In March 2013, Cupp described CPAC’s appearance as “increasingly restless” because of its stance on homosexuality and gay marriage. [aligning] With one event, in many ways, a great event, which, however, sought to undermine a significant group of conservatives working on our behalf. She has since joined the Young Conservatives for Freedom to Marry.

On June 26, 2013, CNN announced that the Cup would feature a new version of Crossfire again in the fall of 2013, featuring panelists Newt Gingrich, Stephanie Cutter and Van Jones. As a result, Cup left MSNBC and The Cycle after their last appearance on June 27, 2013.

On March 13, 2017, CNN’s sister network HLN announced that Cupp would host a new evening program in June, SE Cupp Unfiltered. In August 2018, the program moved to Saturday evening as a weekly program on CNN.

In 2018, the Tribune Content Agency began syndicating his columns, and his columns appeared in the New York Daily News.

On August 20, 2020, the Cup announced that it would vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 US presidential election.

Husband and children.

Cup met Raul Labrador’s former chief of staff, John Goodwin, a delegate to the 2008 Republican Convention, and they began dating in 2011. She and Goodwin were engaged in September 2012 and married in November 2013. She gave birth to a son, John Davis Goodwin III, in December 2014

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