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Sabrina Dias is from Brazil but later moved to New Jersey with her parents. John Legend brought Jack Rogen and Sabrina Dias to the second round of the fights, which aired on Monday, October 18.
Sabrina’s parents emigrated from Brazil and she grew up in a religious home, singing in church and learning to play the drums and guitar. Sabrina reportedly received the Star Ledger Scholarship for the Performing Arts in 2013 as a senior at Newark Arts High School. New Jersey. He holds a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Education. She currently lives in East Orange. Versatile singer, singer’s Instagram bio tells us that he is “PK 8th grade music teacher.”

For her blind auditions, Sabrina sang her own interpretation of Antonio Carlos Jobem’s “La Shika di Ipinima”. Unfortunately, it was only John Legend who rotated his big red chair because the rest of the trainers were less interested in it. Praising the singer, John Legend said in Episode 5, “I like that song, it’s a classic and as soon as I heard the music, I was in a good mood.” That you gave it a start and it was really cool, different. ”


Sabrina Dias is 26 years old.

When Sabrina Dias came out as a lesbian.

Broadcast on October 18, Sabrina Dias revealed that she was gay and found it difficult to get out of the closet at the age of 22. According to the website Daily News Catcher, the jazz pop rock singer is a single mother. He also had two daughters, an openly gay singer named Boba, on The Voice, but failed to impress the judges during his blind audition.

Moves to the knockout round.

John Legend brought in Jack Rogen and Sabrina Dias for the second round of fights, which aired on Monday, October 18. The duo sang Taylor Swift’s recent hit “Cardigan”, which also aired on the Internet. While Jack Rogen is a newcomer to the world of singing, Sabrina Dias did a great show with the intention of making it to the knockout stages.

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Coaches Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton were so impressed with Sabrina’s performance that John Legend finally chose the 26-year-old singer as the winner of the wars. The judges praised 18-year-old Jack Rogen but also told him not to be intimidated by his falsity, suggesting he was not intimidated. Unfortunately, he was not robbed. With her latest win, Sabrina will now advance to the knockout stages of the top 13 matches of the season. Other singers who advanced to the knockout stages were Joshua Vicanti, Carson Peters, Holly Forbes, Jim & Sasha Allen, Raquel Trinidad, Jamani, Shadale and Wendy Mutton.

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