Who is Samantha Hartsoe Wiki, Biography, Age, Viral TikTok, Instagram

Who is Samantha Hartsoe? Wiki, Biography, Age, Viral TikTok, Instagram

Samantha Hartsoe Wiki – Samantha Hartsoe Biography

According to Samantha Hartsoe Bio, Wiki, and Biography, Samantha Hartsoe is a TikToker living in New York City, decided to do some digging after she realized that no matter how high she turned the heat up, her apartment was still freezing cold. When she went into her bathroom, she discovered why. “I walk into my bathroom [and] I feel cold air blowing on me. There’s not a vent or anything,” she explained.


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Viral TikTok Video

In the clip, which has since been viewed more than 7.7m times, Hartsoe showed viewers that cold air is blowing enough to move her hair, despite the bathroom having no vent.

After searching the bathroom, Hartsoe discovered that the air is coming from behind her wall-mounted bathroom mirror.

Samantha was shocked to find an entire empty apartment. She was confused when she noticed a cool breeze blowing in her bathroom despite there being no window or working air vent.

Samantha later realised the breeze was coming from around the mirror handing above her sink, before removing it and discovering a half-finished flat behind it. Samantha posted the bizarre scene on TikTok, saying: “I’m in my New York City apartment and it’s cold. It doesn’t matter how high the heat goes, I’m cold.

When she looks further, she notices an entire room hidden beyond the hole in the wall.

Samantha said: “Wow, this is a whole other apartment,” before quipping: “My landlord’s getting a really fun phone call together.”

It is unclear if the other apartment is under construction or had been abandoned.

In a second TikTok, Hartsoe removed the mirror to reveal what at first appeared to be a hole in the wall housing electrical wires, only for the camera to pan to an entire room through the same hole in the wall.

Viewer Reaction

TikTok viewers were on the edge of their seats with others wondered if Hartsoe “made it back,” given that it had been three hours and the explorer hadn’t posted an update. Others compared the scenario to the movie “Candyman,” in which a woman summons a malevolent spirit by calling his name five times in the mirror.

Unfortunately, Hartsoe’s apartment reveals — which doesn’t happen until Part 4 — is a bit anticlimactic. After perusing the space while armed with a hammer, Hartsoe discovers what appears to be “a whole other apartment,” with a disconnected toilet, some exposed pipes, and a few trash bags and boxes.

“Made it out alive,” she says after exiting the space, and adding as she replaces her bathroom mirror, “My landlord’s getting a really fun phone call tomorrow.”

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