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Shannon Badgett Bio, Biography and Wiki, On Tuesday, he was arrested for making threatening remarks online about carrying out violence in the nation’s capital. He is being charged with communicating a written threat to conduct a mass shooting or act of terrorism. The threats made via Facebook were reported by one of Badgett’s Facebook contacts.

Badgett former Ohio police officer.


Shannon Badgett is 53 years old.


He has been charged with communicating a written threat to conduct a mass shooting or act of terrorism. Police said one of Badgett’s Facebook friends reported the online threats.

Accused For?

According to police, He is threatened to carry out violence at the U.S. Capitol ahead of the pro-Trump rally that turned into a riot, writing “about a lot of bloodshed” on Facebook.

“He spoke about a lot of bloodsheds –which he had been going to look after up business,” Haines City Police Department Chief Jim Elensky stated. Considering that the high political tensions recently, that couldn’t ignore these dangers,” he added.

Loved ones reportedly told detectives that Badgett was diagnosed with mental health illnesses, according to the local TV channel Bay News 9. He’ll undergo a mental health evaluation and has been imprisoned, authorities said in a news release Wednesday.

In the Facebook articles, Badgett wrote he would be heading to D.C.” unless President Trump calls for martial law,” the Associated Press reported. Pew. Pew,” which authorities said was a fake of gunshots.

“Our courts are not able to pronounce their choice by refusing to discover any evidence about voter fraud,” he posted. In an apparent reference to Chief Justice John Roberts, another post threatened, “Bad things happen to good people,” calling on”Roberts” to step. Authorities said Badgett had admitted writing the posts but had said he never intended to hurt people and wished to vent his frustrations.

Five people died in the storming of their U.S. Capitol about January 6, including a police officer. On Wednesday, Trump has been impeached for”incitement of insurrection,” becoming the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice.

Badgett also claimed to be more building machineguns and even an anti-tank rifle. He also composed in service of those baseless claims of voter fraud repeatedly made by President Trump and his allies.

Police Investigation

He was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday after allegedly sending emails to a circuit judge in Nevada. Badgett denied sending those emails.

Family members told detectives that Badgett has been diagnosed with mental health disorders. There were no guns in the home.

Badgett acknowledged writing the posts but insisted that he had no intentions of harming anyone. He said the posts were a way of expressing his frustration with voter fraud and that he was free to post whatever he liked.

Badgett was transported to the Polk County Jail with a Baker Act form. His mental health will be evaluated. A risk protection order was served on Badgett to restrict his access to guns and ammunition.

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