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Shelby Gash
Shelby Gash

Shelby Gash Bio, Wiki

Shelby Gash is a woman from Kansas, who put up a Christmas light display that certainly would have surprised Santa and may have landed her on his “naughty” list. Shelby Gash was surprised to find that photos of her Christmas light display went viral. She asked his followers on TikTok, “Would you be known for putting a dick on the ceiling?” In the video, he shares some headlines about his lighting display and ends the video jokingly “oops.”


Shelby Gash Age

She is 24 years old

Shelby Gash Christmas Lights

Gash lives in the Whispery Hills neighbourhood of Lenexa, Kansas County, Johnson County. she explained that with the penis-shaped light it was meant to make neighbours laugh. This mark was created using the remaining 60 feet of Christmas lights.

Shelby Gash Parents

Before putting the lights, she had the support of his family. she shared the screenwriting conversation with his father on Facebook. In the conversation, Gash asked his father, can I use the rest of the Christmas light to sketch a big dick shining on our ceiling until HOA complains? He replied, hacked or sparked.


Shelby Gash Twitter, Instagram

She took to TikTok to express her surprise that the photos of her Christmas light display had gone viral. Gash then shared the video to Instagram with the caption, So I have logged into my old Instagram because I’m kinda going viral bc of my giant dick I made. Sorry to my old High school friends that this story is the only story you have heard about me in six years. Probably annoying just let me have my have 15 mins of fame in my bizarre life.