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Shelley Morrison
Shelley Morrison

Shelley Morrison Bio, Wiki

Shelley Morrison was a famous American theatre and television actress. She is well known for his role was as the maid Rosario Salazar in the NBC comedy television series Will & Grace, which he played from 1999 to 2006. Morrison was born on October 26, 1936, in the South Bronx. She is the only daughter of a Sephardic Jewish parent whose real name is Mithrani. She grew up in the Bronx, New York, and her mother tongue was Spanish. His father, Morris Morris, was a draper. Morrison moved to California with his parents in 1946.

Shelley Morrison Education and Career

Morrison went on to study drama at Los Angeles City College and played a first American-style divorce movie about how to save (and ruin his life) marriage.

She has appeared on the NBC Laredo Western television series (episodes “Yahoo”, “Junks”, “Nine Bugles, One Drum” and “Split Duffer” four times as an American Indian, Linda Little Trace.

Shelley Morrison will keep that role until the show was cancelled in 1970. Morrison also appeared in the 1997 romantic comedy Fool’s Rush, starring Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry. In 1967, she took advantage of her English learning experience at noon in Puerto Rico, Sister Schisto, who knew English in the Sally Field Flying Nun program.

Morrison’s most recognisable role was Rosario Invis Consuelo Yolanda Salazar, El Salvador girl, in NBC’s Set Will and Grace.

In nearly 25 film shows and 200 television appearances, Morrison portrays a maid or maid on 32 different occasions.

Although her last role as an actor was a voice-over in the 2012 Food Fight animated film, her previous presentation as an actress was in the internet press, on the theme of the 2016 Will & Grace elections.

Shelley Morrison Husband, Children

In the latter part of her life, Morrison lived with her husband, Walter Dominguez, for many years in a three-story apartment in Los Angeles, a Mexican-American. The same house where his father had settled five decades ago. Morrison and Dominguez adopted three sons and three daughters through a traditional Native American ceremony.

Health and Death

Morrison underwent a mastectomy for breast cancer in 1988, and then in 1998, when cancer resumed, he suffered a complete mastectomy. She had lung cancer and underwent surgery to remove the upper third of his right lung. Morrison’s lung cancer went into remission, but her breast cancer returned after treatment in 1988 and 1998. Morrison died December 1, 2019, at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles as a result of heart failure. She was 83 years old.