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Who is Shobushi Sumo? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Death Cause, Net Worth

Shobushi Sumo Wiki – Biography

Shobushi Sumo birth name Kiyotaka Suetake was a sumo wrestler from Japan. He has been wrestling at the pro level in Japan since 2007. He is the first sumo wrestler to die from the virus. He is also thought to be the first person in their 20s to die from the virus in Japan.

Shobushi Age

Shobushi has died at the age of 28.

Shobushi Career

Shobushi was a sumo wrestler from Japan. He has been wrestling at the pro level in Japan since 2007 the year he made his professional debut out of the Takadagawa stable and reached the No. 11 rank in the sandanme division.

Shobushi Sumo Death Cause (COVID-19)

The Japan Sumo Association confirmed that Shobushi died on Wednesday after battling COVID-19. He reportedly began to show symptoms on April 4, including a fever. His Takadagawa stablemaster and others contacted hospitals and local health centers but were turned away from multiple hospitals.

After his health got worse, for he started coughing up blood, Shobushi was finally admitted days later on April 8. He formally tested positive for coronavirus on April 10 but hit a downward spiral from there. On April 19, his condition worsened and he was moved to ICU. He died from multiple organ failure on Wednesday, as a result of the virus.

The Takadagawa stablemaster and Shobushi’s stablemate Hakuyozan also tested positive for the coronavirus but they have already been discharged from hospital.

“I can only imagine how hard it must have been, battling illness for over a month, but like a wrestler, he endured it bravely and fought the disease until the end. I just want him to rest peacefully now,” JSA Chairman Hakkaku said.

Also, the Japan Sumo Association said in a statement, “He fought tenaciously against the disease, enduring the pain and suffering for more than a month like a sumo wrestler. We hope he will rest in peace now. We are very grateful to everyone in the medical institutes who treated him with the utmost care.”

The Summer Grand Sumo Tournament which was scheduled to take place from May 24 to June 7 at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan was canceled earlier this month in order to slow the spread of coronavirus.

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